I came across Ben Pakulski for the first time at the FIBO (a fitness expo in Germany) and Ben struck me as an unusually smart bodybuilder. Months later we came across at the gym since he moved to Florida and we started to talk more about bodybuilding training and nutrition.

Ben is constantly looking at science based research and implementing it at the gym. He’s a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, where he specialized in the study of Kinesiology and Biomechanics with over 14 years of bodybuilding experience. That makes him extremely well versed in the field of muscle function and muscle movement. He’s a successful personal trainer, with celebrity clients and has been featured in many of the well-respected health and fitness magazines. In addition, he has worked with top coaches in the field such as Charles Poliquin and Charles Glass. Add in his work as a fitness coach and public speaker and you begin to see that Ben is committed to improving both not only his body but the bodies of other people as well. From knowing him now personally I can tell you that he is as passionate about bodybuilding and sharing good information with others as I am.

At any rate, even though these days new bodybuilding systems do not get me that excited (since usually there is nothing new out there) when Ben told me that he had an e-book system that he was getting ready to release I was extremely curious to see what he put together.

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Today I am interviewing one of my friends in the fitness industry: Mike Westerdal.

Mike Westerdal

Mike Westerdal is a certified personal trainer and amateur powerlifter residing in sunny Clearwater, Florida. He enjoys being a contributing writer for REPS!, Iron Man, Powerlifting USA, and dozens of other publications.

Westerdal is the founder of Critical bench located at http://www.criticalbench.com. Mike’s fitness publishing company boasts being one of the Internet’s first strength training and muscle building Web sites online.

His most popular workout is the best selling Critical Bench Program 2.0 that has successfully helped over 17,238 clients increase their bench press by an average of fifty pounds in ten weeks. With this unique power-building approach you’re guaranteed to build all around size and strength.

So since I get so many people asking me how to increase their bench, I decided to get all of the secrets from my friend Mike, who is an expert on the subject as you can see from his records below:

Mike’s Bench Press Personal Records:

630 lbs equipped bench press in competition
452 lbs raw bench press
405 lbs for 5-reps
315 lbs for 15-reps

So without further ado, I will get started with this revealing interview.

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How To Force Your Body To Build Muscle Report

This past week I was having a great conversation with my friend Nick “The Mad Scientist of Muscle” Nilsson. Nick is a very successful natural bodybuilder with poor genetics who started out at 145-lbs soaking wet and now weighs over 200-lbs with single digit body fat levels! At either rate, I LOVE talking to Nick as he is pretty insane when it comes to building muscle. Conventional is not a word I would use to describe his training methods. [Read more…]

Natural Bodybuilding Q&A: Squats Don’t Work Your Legs?

Today I got a question from a good friend of mine who stumbled upon a video of a coach talking about how the king of leg exercises in bodybuilding, the squat, is an exercise that only works the back and that it should not be performed as a result. [Read more…]

Check out this podcast of me interviewing best selling fitness expert and IFBB Pro/Hall of Famer Lee Labrada discussing the topic of fat loss. Topics discussed are training, nutrition, and supplementation for fat loss as well as tips for success.

Bodybuilding Legend Lee Labrada2007 Southern States

Check it out, enjoy it and implement the information!

(Note: For more articles from Lee Labrada check out Lee’s site here:




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Natural Bodybuilding is the Answer to the Riddle of Weight Loss

Turn on the TV, open up a magazine or just read the health news over the Internet and you get the impression that everyone apparently is searching for the seemingly daunting and complex task of how to accomplish weight loss. Some appear to be looking for the answer in some magic fruit or food while others are more concentrated in finding a gene or a special drug that would take care of the problem. However, those of us who practice natural bodybuilding, especially if we have competed, realize that the process of weight loss while not necessarily easy, it’s relatively simple. [Read more…]

Achieving bodybuilding success has a different meaning for every person. For some bodybuilders success is measured by their ability to win bodybuilding competitions, while for others, bodybuilding success is simply losing a couple of inches off the waist, firming up the muscles and feeling more energetic and positive about life. My personal definition of bodybuilding success, for instance, is to achieve the most symmetrical, defined and balanced physique that I can while building and maintaining a high degree of muscle mass that looks good (which is a matter of personal opinion) on my 5’4″ frame.

The Magic Pill or Supplement Stack

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Sometimes, the best natural bodybuilding workout is the one that breaks all the rules. As someone who has been practicing the bodybuilding lifestyle now for 20 years, I have learned that it is ok to break the bodybuilding training rules from time to time, and that doing so, will result in a shock to the body that will deliver more gains.
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