10 Anabolic Recipes For Your Natural Bodybuilding Diet

Cooking is not my strong point. As a matter of fact, is not even a point you can say. For that reason I delegate cooking to my better half and to others who can do the task much better than me.

The only thing I do know about the subject of cooking is that there is a huge misconception in bodybuilding that in order for your diet to work, the foods have to be bland and boring. To be honest, nothing could be farther from the truth.

As a matter of fact, this past week one of my friends pointed out to me a nice e-book written by a natural bodybuilder called Dave Ruel. It turns out that for Dave cooking is a very strong point. Not only is it a strong point, but all of his recipes are bodybuilding friendly and they tell you how many grams of carbs, proteins and fats you get per serving; something that makes it very simple to include his recipes on any sensible bodybuilding diet.

I contacted Dave, thanks to my friend who forwarded me his contact information, and he was gracious enough to let me share his 10 Anabolic Recipes E-book with all of you. I also have some other items that he has allowed me to share such as a recipe video for making protein bars. I will share that one with you tomorrow. In the meantime, here is your 10 Anabolic Recipes E-book, courtesy of my new friend Dave Ruel! (Thanks Dave!!)

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10 Anabolic Recipes For Your Natural Bodybuilding Diet
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