As an International Best Selling Fitness author Hugo has shared his knowledge through his web site, various TV, radio interviews and speaking engagements, as well as on several articles published in numerous magazines and web sites all over the world.

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Hugo Rivera is available for media interviews and expert quotes on the following topics:

  • Mindset: What Separates Successful People From The Rest
  • Goal Setting Techniques
  • New Year: Tips for Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolutions
  • Weight Loss Lies: The Myths on How to Go About Losing Weight
  • Why The Scale Weight Is Irrelevant
  • Teen Steroid Use: What Teens Need To Know About Steroids and Why They Don’t Need Them
  • Keeping the Weight Off: The Lifestyle of Body Sculpting
  • Getting Your Abs Ready for Summer
  • Staying In Shape Over the Holidays

Author Of the Body Re-Engineering Program

Hugo’s knowledge of the human physiology and anatomy (something that he was exposed to from an early age due to the fact that his grandfather was a Medical Doctor), combined with his analytical skills that he developed in his engineering profession enable him to produce extremely efficient programs that anyone can fit into their schedule. The fact that he was overweight and then extremely underweight (after the anorexic period) enables him to identify with all groups of people that have weight problems. In addition, holding for many years a steady hectic engineering job in addition to his successful online and personal training business enables him to offer practical advice that people who live a hectic lifestyle can follow. Hugo has combined all that knowledge and experience and self published his body transformation program Body Re-Engineering

Best Selling Fitness Author

In 2001 he commercially published through Hatherleigh Press two books targeted towards the weight loss community called The Body Sculpting Bible for Men and The Body Sculpting Bible for Women (featuring the 14 Day Body Sculpting Program).

Hugo wrote these books in conjunction with James Villepigue, an authority in exercise form and the connection between the mind and the muscle. In these books, both authors apply the periodization principles used by pro athletes to workouts geared for people whose main goal is to lose weight and firm up. Both books soon became best sellers and now there are over 8 book extensions on that franchise with the latest re-release of the originals in December 2006 that even includes an exercise and nutrition DVD. Bodybuilding Guide

Hugo was selected amongst thousands of applicants from all over the world to become the new Guide, an web site owned by the New York Times Company whose goal is to help beginners start a safe and healthy weight-lifting program, choose the right gear for their needs, and offer motivation to help users meet their personal goals.

Consultancy & Projects

Hugo has co-authored nutrition and training programs along with actress, fitness icon and six time Ms. Olympia Cory Everson. He has also served as consultant to High Schools helping to put together bodybuilding shows and educating the students on the several aspects of bodybuilding competition and the dangers of steroids. Hugo has served also as consultant to nutrition companies in designing nutritional formulas and helping to market their products.

TV & Radio

Hugo has made several appearances on both national and local television and has been extensively interviewed by various newspapers, magazines and radio stations all over the nation, in addition to providing numerous seminars on training and nutrition at health clubs and nutrition stores.
Hugo has appeared on television a number of times promoting the fitness lifestyle.You can watch his appeances on Studio 10 TV below:
Video 1 is an “on the couch” interview With Tim Wilkins and Michelle Philips of Studio 10. Video 2 shows Hugo offering an instructional “at home” workout with Studio 10 presenters.

Published Works

The Body Sculpting Bible for Men
The Body Sculpting Bible for Women
The Body Sculpting Bible 21-Minute Express Workout for Men
The Body Sculpting Bible 21-Minute Express Workout for Men
The Body Sculpting Bible for Brides
The Body Sculpting Bible Chest and Arms Specialization Workout for Men
The Body Sculpting Bible Buns and Thighs Specialization Workout for Women
Body Re-Engineering (e-book)
The Hardgainer’s Bodybuilding Handbook
The Body Sculpting Bible for Men (Revised with DVD)
The Body Sculpting Bible for Women (Revised with DVD)
The Weight Training Diary

Hugo’s articles have been published in the following magazines.

Be Healthy and Beautiful Magazine
Ladies Home Journal
Maximum Fitness
Muscular Development en Español
Natural Muscle
Olympian Muscle News
Physique Magazine
Woman’s World

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