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If you are a guy who is looking to lose fat and gain muscle, or a lady looking to lose some weight and tone up, then you need to take a look at my 8 Week Personalized Nutrition Program. With the 8-Week Personalized Nutrition Program, I personalize your macronutrient intake (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) depending […]

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I came across Ben Pakulski for the first time at the FIBO (a fitness expo in Germany) and Ben struck me as an unusually smart bodybuilder. Months later we came across at the gym since he moved to Florida and we started to talk more about bodybuilding training and nutrition. Ben is constantly looking at […]

Natural Bodybuilding FAQ – Is Eating a High Protein Diet Damaging To Your Kidney Health? Very often I am asked if eating the amount of protein required of a natural bodybuilding diet will lead to kidney damage. This natural bodybuilding FAQ will answer this question and hopefully put all of your fears to rest.

7 Minute Biceps Workout: Learn how to train the biceps in 7 minutes simply using some dumbbels in the comfort of your home. Biceps Workout: 7-Min Biceps Workout with Dumbbells at Home

In this natural bodybuilding blog post I discuss the most powerful anabolic nutrient and why consuming it regularly will get your muscles to grow in no time.

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