In this natural bodybuilding article I cover a topic of interest to many bodybuilders who are still going to school. That topic is how to follow your natural bodybuilding diet while going to school. As I was reading some bodybuilding news online, I came across an interesting article from Ka Leo O Hawai’i, the campus […]

Natural Bodybuilding Routine for Shocking the Biceps Muscles Use this natural bodybuilding biceps routine to shock the biceps muscles into new growth.

Natural bodybuilding is great for kids as well! Even though for years there have been myths of how natural bodybuilding can disrupt growth in kids by closing the growth plates and causing injury, a growing amount of recent evidence suggests the exact opposite. This comes as no surprise to me as I have never read […]

In this natural bodybuilding workouts article, I discuss a series of natural bodybuilding training routines that you can do in order to get big arms.

In this article I talk about what natural bodybuilding workouts and diets teenagers can do to gain muscle quickly and steadily.

Lose Fat Under The Pecs and Increase Your Bench Press Today I answered the following natural bodybuilding question: Natural Bodybuilding Question: How can I lose fat underneath pecs and increase bench press? Right now I am 18, weigh about 130 and can bench max 130. How could I increase this and also get rid of […]

One of the keys for teenagers (or any other bodybuilder for that matter) to have bodybuilding success is nutrition. Nutrition is what gives us the raw materials for recuperation, energy, and muscle growth so having the proper bodybuilding diet plan is essential. Without a good bodybuilding diet, your dreams of achieving your ideal body will […]

When it comes to gaining lean muscle mass, most people (especially teenagers) think that bodybuilding supplements are the most important part of the equation. However, this could not be any further from the truth. Supplements are just additions to an already good nutrition and training program. Once you have the right amount of determination, nutrition […]

Teenagers often ask me what are the best bodybuilding supplements to make good bodybuilding gains. During the great teenage years of awesome testosterone and GH production, I would focus my bodybuilding supplementation on:

Since I have been talking lately to a lot of confused teenage bodybuilders who are in the same predicament today that I was back when I started in bodybuilding, I decided to cover the subject of bodybuilding workouts for teens. I remember back in May 1990 when I picked up my first bodybuilding magazine and […]

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