In this article I talk about Testosterone Level Ranges, what is considered normal, and possible ways to increase them. What is Testosterone and Why Do We Need Healthy Testosterone Levels? As most of you fellow bodybuilders know, testosterone is the male hormone responsible for the development of the male sex and reproduction organs; in addition […]

The holidays are approaching with Christmas leading the way followed by New Years not too far behind. During this time of joy and happiness unfortunately most people, including some of us bodybuilders, tend to forget about their bodybuilding workouts and nutrition plans. If thoughts of dumping your fitness and bodybuilding program have crossed your mind, […]

The biggest problem that bodybuilders encounter is that while at first the gains of muscle mass come rather quickly, soon after they hit a plateau (a point where gains cease to come by). Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard they workout at the gym, the muscle mass just seems to remain the same. […]

In order to achieve the best natural bodybuilding gains, you need to have the right mindset. In this natural bodybuilding article you will learn what the right mindset is to achieve the best natural bodybuilding gains. Achieve Incredible Natural Bodybuilding Gains by Adopting the Mindset of a Successful Bodybuilder! This week I talked to a […]

In today’s natural bodybuilding video blog, I cover with my good friend Rodzilla whether workouts performed with high reps or low reps are better for gaining muscle. It is best to use both high reps and low reps in order to build muscle optimally. So basically you use periodization in which should do loading phases […]

In today’s natural bodybuilding video blog, I cover how to properly track bodybuilding/fitness progress & measure body fat percentage. The Best Way To Track Bodybuilding and Fitness Progress I cannot count the amount of people that come to me frustrated because the number on the scale does not move regardless of best efforts. Now, when […]

In today’s natural bodybuilding video blog, Rodzilla and I cover what gets us motivated to stay on our bodybuilding and fitness programs. What motivates you?

  Another amazing year has come to an end! I want to take this opportunity to wish you an incredible new year full of blessings, health, success and happiness! I also wanted to personally thank you all for your support throughout the years. Without you, there would be no purpose to what I do.   […]

How Much of a Factor Do Genetics Play In Bodybuilding and Other Sports? Learn How Much Genetics Influence Your Ability to Be Successful in Bodybuilding. In this interview conducted by Alex Sorokin, I cover how much of a factor genetics play in bodybuilding and other sports.

In this bodybuilding article from my friend and IFBB legend Lee Labrada, you will learn what are the 10 top items that limit your bodybuilding progress. Lee Labrada Exposes The 10 Items That Stop Your Bodybuilding Progress by Lee Labrada, IFBB Hall of Famer Do Not Make These Bodybuilding Mistakes Putting on muscle is easy […]

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