In today’s natural bodybuilding video blog, I cover with my good friend Rodzilla what to eat before and after the workout (pre / post workout nutrition). For pre-workout meal: Rodzilla has a regular meal consisting of 60 grams of protein and 60 grams of carbs around 90 minutes before the workout. Right after the workout […]

In today’s natural bodybuilding video blog, I cover with my good friend Rodzilla the pros and cons of Smith Machine vs Free Weights Squats. Is it good to substitute all of your free weights squats with the smith machine version? That is the bodybuilding question that we are covering today. The answer is: this not […]

In today’s natural bodybuilding video blog, I cover with my good friend Rodzilla how to build up strength to do pull-ups. How To Build Up Strength To Do Pull-Ups With Hugo & Rodzilla A lot of people stay away from pull-ups as they cannot do them at the beginning. In fact, I remember when I […]

How Much of a Factor Do Genetics Play In Bodybuilding and Other Sports? Learn How Much Genetics Influence Your Ability to Be Successful in Bodybuilding. In this interview conducted by Alex Sorokin, I cover how much of a factor genetics play in bodybuilding and other sports.

Based on the amount of emails that I have been getting, I can see that there is a huge amount of confusion regarding the amount of carbs to consume in order to grow. Thus, today I will be sharing an article from Ben regarding how many carbs you need to grow in order to gain […]

Today I want to share with you a video blog on what are Hydrogenated Oils (Transfats) & why they are dangerous. [Note: For more videos, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel by either clicking on the SUBSCRIBE button on the video or by visiting my YouTube Channel here and clicking subscribe:] What […]

Today I want to share with you a natural bodybuilding question that I have been getting lately. The question is: Do fish oils cause prostate cancer? Do Fish Oils Cause Prostate Cancer? Is there really a correlation between fish oils and prostate cancer? Some study claims so. However, the key thing to understand is that […]

Been getting tons of questions regarding whether you need to use BCAAs for gaining muscle. Check out my answer in this video below: Do You Need BCAAs for Gaining Muscle? Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are among the nine essential amino acids that the body needs to function. There are 3 BCAAs which are leucine, […]

Here is a natural bodybuilding question that I got from one of my readers the other day. This question is asked more often than what you would think by both men and women so I figured that posting it will help many of you out there. Natural Bodybuilding Question: I want to compete one day […]

Natural Bodybuilding Question: What Should To Do If You Experience A Joint Injury? I have lifted with that I thought was good form and also with moderate weight. Yet, my shoulders are killing me and I seem to have an injury since I cannot lift my arms past a certain point. What should I do […]

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