Continued from: Chris Fernandez Talks About Making Money in Personal Training, Part II Hugo: I’ll tell one thing that I also love about your system: it’s very easy to read.

“If you can’t measure your progress, you can’t stay motivated.” Write this into your workout log, scribble it on a piece of paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror, or just memorize it. Whatever it takes. It’s one of those immutable laws of nature that you don’t want to forget in your quest for […]

As you probably already know, losing body fat has to be one of the most challenging , if not most misunderstood, endeavors that any bodybuilding aficionado can undertake. Losing body fat is not rocket science, although in our society you’d think it was, with the legion of rip-off infomercial shape-up gizmos, the monthly “diet of […]

Guess what the biggest threat to your bodybuilding success is? I guarantee that nine out of ten of you will get the answer to this question wrong and that is the reason why I want to expose this huge threat. The biggest threat to your bodybuilding success is: your own mind!

The word bodybuilding, bring the thought to many people of pro bodybuilding competitors competing on a bodybuilding stage. However, to me, bodybuilding competition is only a very small part of what bodybuilding really is all about.

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