In this article I talk about what natural bodybuilding workouts and diets teenagers can do to gain muscle quickly and steadily.

Sample Bodybuilding Diet For Males With A Fast Metabolism (Hardgainer) Meal 1 (First thing in the morning) 1-1/2 cups of dry oats mixed with water 1 banana 10 egg whites Supplements: Multiple Vitamins/Minerals, Vitamin C (1000 mg) Meal 2 (Between 9-9:30am as you change classes) Lean Body Mass 60 (2 scoops) mixed with 16 ounces […]

Definition of a Hardgainer The popular definition of a hardgainer is a person that works out hard with weights but has a hard time putting on muscle. Six weeks of working out can go by and no significant changes in muscle size are noted other than perhaps a bit of an increase in muscle tone. […]

Mass Building Training Principles For Hardgainers There are many mass building training principles that hardgainers need to follow in order to get results from their bodybuilding training routines. Because of the hardgainer’s fast metabolic rate, not all bodybuilding routines are suitable for this type. Hardgainers’ Training Principles Sessions should be short: 60 minutes maximum. The […]

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