BEFORE AFTERS Custom Diet and Workout Program

If you are a guy who is looking to lose fat and gain muscle, or a lady looking to lose some weight and tone up, then you need to take a look at my 8 Week Personalized Nutrition Program.

With the 8-Week Personalized Nutrition Program, I personalize your macronutrient intake (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) depending on your individual metabolism, gender and goals.

The ratios of the macronutrients will be manipulated based on the desired goal so if your goal is to lose weight and body sculpt, then you get a solution designed for that. If on the other hand, your goal is to gain muscle mass while maintaining body fat, your solution will match that goal.

  • No more guesswork as you will have complete guidance with EXACT instructions on what you need to do and why just an email away right at your fingertips.

  • You will have a 100% fully customized diet and training plan based on your gender, specific body type, and goals. This is NOT a one size fits all sort of formula. Diet and workout adjustments will be made on a weekly basis based on the way that your individual body is responding. This is the KEY to achieving the absolute best results from your efforts!

  • When losing body fat the biggest mistake people make is that they cut calories endlessly in an effort to lose fat. However, the body is a very smart self preserving machine so after a short while it learns to live with the lower caloric intake. In order to do this, muscle mass is typically consumed for fuel as fat stores are preserved in an effort to ensure survival. Then the poor dieter plateaus and tries to either exercise more or lower calories further. However, if calories would have been increased by only a couple of days then such situation would have been avoided. It is imperative that calories are increased for a couple of days a week in order to trick the body into thinking that no dieting is taking place, and thus keep results coming. This technique also prevents muscle loss.

  • If on the other hand, you are looking to gain muscle mass, a diet program will be created which will show you exactly how much to eat in order to gain muscle mass without gaining the fat.

    Typically too many calories are consumed and bodybuilders allow themselves to go way above 10% body fat ending up simply getting fat. Guess what? For most people there is no need to consume such a huge amount of calories. Only hardgainers, which are the minority, need to do this as well as some mesomorphs. Unfortunately if calories remain constantly high, most of us will grow very well at first. However, once the body’s glycogen (carbohydrate) stores like the muscles and the liver are completely full, guess what happens? Yes, you got that right, whatever is not burned gets stored. Unless you want to look like a blimp, this needs to be prevented. How is this prevented? By consuming the right amounts of nutrients and cycling the calories. In this manner, we also create a situation where once the calories are increased again we get an anabolic effect; something that does not happen when you keep calories constant.

    The last thing you want is a diet that starts out great at the beginning but then you hit a plateau and either you cannot lose any more fat or, if you are trying to gain muscle, either you get stuck at a certain weight or start gaining more fat than muscle. Again, because most diet programs are static, just like training, the body is given the opportunity to adapt to it. Once the body adapts, then forget about any gains! However, my personalized 8 week diet program takes this into account and manipulates the calories for both the fat loss phases and the muscle gain phases.

  • Different diet recommendations are made based on the body type that the person has. For instance, a skinny hardgainer needs more calories and a higher carbohydrate base than an endomorph like myself who has a slower metabolism. A gifted mesomorph (naturally muscular and lean person) however needs a diet that lies somewhere in between an ecto and an endomorph.

    In addition, recommendations are made for troubleshooting your caloric intake. If after a week of using the recommended amount of calories you see that you lost 5 lbs, the nutrient intake is fixed in order to allow for a 2′lb loss of body fat (which is the best way to preserve or even gain muscle as you cut down). We will constantly monitor and tweak your diet each week if required based on your results.

  • If you are scared that this is a super fancy diet program, be sure to know that the personalized diet is based on normal foods that can be purchased at the grocery store. Also, do not expect this to be your typical low carbohydrate program for fat loss or high carb/low fat program for muscle gain. This diet plan is entirely unique and again, it is based on your gender, individual goals and metabolism.

  • You will also start to save money immediately as all of the actual supplements that REALLY WORK will all be spelled out for you in a very simple manner. This questionnaire will allow us to accommodate any medical or nutritional special requirements.

  • And for the first time, with every purchase of my diet I am giving away Full FREE Access to my best selling Body Re-Engineering Program (the Deluxe Package). At the end of the day, Bill and I sat down and asked ourselves: what is a diet without a training program to go along with it? So why not throw in the Body Re-Engineering System which contains over 21 weeks worth of the best periodized routines which are designed to Re-Engineer your body in record time! With this, you also get access to various bonuses, like my 8 week Special Get Lean Plan, my Magnificent 7 Abs Routine, my 6 Week Training Log, and full LIFETIME access to my member’s only area where you can interact with me, with Bill and with all of the other members on the site!

  • V.I.P section that can be accessed with your own username and password! In this section you can also post your pictures and interact with me and others members as well who have similar goals to you!

  • Your diet gets fine tuned every week based on the progress that you are making.

  • Abs, the holy grail for many. Over the last 15 years I’ve tried just about everything and in this bonus e-book I reveal exactly how I train my abs to get them looking as good as they do now. Forget what you think you know about getting a six pack, this bonus e-book explains all.

  • This is a great bonus. I hired a professional video artist to visit me at my gym and had dozens of exercises professionally recorded on to video. No need to be confused about exactly how to perform an exercise again.

  • Here is the exact routine that I use when I need to get in shape fast for a posing exhibition etc. It has worked great for me over and over as well as for many other competitors, fitness models and bikini contestants.

  • I accept clients from anywhere in the world!

So what is there to wait for? You have everything to gain and NOTHING TO LOSE as we are there to support you in your journey 300% of the time! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Oh yes, as far as the cost…if you think about it, the average trainer in a gym today charges at least $45 for personal training. A month at 3 sessions a week comes out to $540. Now, keep in mind, THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE DIET! That is just for a 30-45 minute session of weights 3x/week! We are here to tell you that without the proper diet, your results will be mediocre at best! And to be honest, without the proper periodization program your results will just plateau as soon as your body gets used to the training sessions!

Our program comes out to $500.00 but that is for a full 8 weeks AND with the best training protocols included! However, in order to celebrate that we are expanding I will make the program be $350 for the next 50 clients that sign up. So please, if you are interested, be sure to HURRY as there are only 50 spots available and they will fill out very quickly! Sign up now and don’t miss out! And if you sign in at this price, we will be sure to lock you in at this price if you choose to continue past the 8 weeks.

By submitting my order, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

I understand that neither Hugo nor Bill are Medical Doctors, and that their advice is not a substitute for Medical advice. I understand I should consult a physician before beginning any exercise or nutrition program, including anything that you receive from HR Fitness. I fully assume all risks from HR Fitness and release Hugo Rivera and his associates from all legal liability.I understand that exercise programs

by their nature carry a risk of injury and bodily harm. I understand that there is videos on how to execute the correct form for each and every exercise which will greatly reduce the risk of injury, but as with any exercise program, the risk of injury can never be totally eliminated.


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