Top 5 Obstacles to a Lean Body

Are you ready for this week’s “lesson in leanness?” I hope so ’cause right here and now I’m going to reveal the top 5 obstacles you must overcome if you want to get that Lean Body you’ve always wanted! (These aren’t in order of importance-they’re all important!)

5.) Complacency: Believe me, if you lose your desire to have a lean and muscular body you can pretty much hit the showers ’cause the game is over! Don’t settle or make excuses for that spare tire around your waist! Take action! Get motivated! Get “unstuck” and raise yourself to new heights! How?

Cut out a picture of a lean and muscular physique from your favorite magazine, and tape it to your refrigerator door to remind (and “program”) yourself about what you want to accomplish. Then, picture yourself with this dream body on a daily basis! (It really helps if your mind can “see” the direction you want to take your body).

Learn from people who have achieved what you want to achieve and let their good habits rub off on you. (This also means you stop hanging-out with friends when they invade the nearest fast-food joint!)

Stop and really think about all the “pain” you experience (or will experience) from those pounds of unwanted, accumulated, body fat. ( It can affect virtually every area of your life). Then, imagine the positive things improving your body will bring you-unstoppable confidences, improved self-esteem, and maybe even a few admiring glances from the opposite sex! Now let this unstoppable desire propel you towards your new goals each and every day!

4.) Failure To Set Goals: You’ve heard it before, “Fail to plan and you’re planning to fail.” But please don’t disregard this powerful statement. It’s 100% true! Look, let’s be realistic. Rarely in life do great things just happen to you out of thin air. You’re not going to wake up one morning and discover you’ve won the “bodybuilding lottery” complete with a well-defined midsection and vascular arms and legs. Nope… it ain’t gonna happen.

So, my advice to you-something I do on a weekly basis- is to constantly set goals and deadlines. Then, hold yourself accountable to these deadlines. (I don’t get to take part in my cheat day of “forbidden foods” if my weekly goals aren’t met.)

For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds of body fat in the next six weeks then write this down on a piece of paper and review it every night and morning. By doing so you’ll be “programming” your mind (and body) for success! (Trust me, this single tip alone helped me place in the top five of every single professional bodybuilding contest I ever entered!)

3.) Failure To Follow A Quality Program Consistently: Amen! Look, let’s get to the point on this one. If you set goals and fail to design a plan to attain these goals you’re pretty much spinning your wheels and can scratch the idea of ever looking great on the beach (or anywhere else for that matter). Sorry, but it’s true.

Now you may say, “Okay Lee, no big deal. I workout pretty hard, take a few supple-ments, and try to eat right so I’ve got my bases covered.” If so, let me ask you a question. Are you making spectacular gains all the time? I hope so. But if not, I can hardly blame you.

You see, the task of designing an optimal program can be down-right confusing. You have dozens of self-proclaimed “experts” telling you what to do. (Be careful whom you listen to. There’s nothing more damaging than bad information!)

Now, I don’t have room to tackle this entire subject right now, but check out the next installment of the Labrada News and I’ll reveal an easy-to-follow nutrition program that you can use to dial-in the nutrition component of your program once and for all!

2.) Being A Fat-Loss-Idiot: My definition of a fat-loss-idiot is someone who keeps doing the exact same thing over and over but expects a different result. (Okay you caught me. I admit it. I’ve been an “idiot” a time or two in my life but the key is to always learn from every mistake right?)

Here’s the problem: let’s say someone tries some crazy starvation diet and loses a few pounds but ends up gaining them all back a few weeks later. Why on earth would they ever try this diet again and expect a different result and why do so many keep repeating these defeating patterns?

One answer: they haven’t taken the time to learn a more effective approach, which leads us to the next thing you must overcome if you expect to ever have a head-turning Lean Body…

1.) Failure To Implement The A.B.L Approach: What the heck is the “A.B.L approach,” you ask? It stands for Always Be Learning. Believe me, if you aren’t continuously filling your mind with accurate and useful information to help you achieve your goals, all kinds of muck and garbage will “seep” into your brain and fill the void. (i.e. Endless hours of T.V.!)

Now, I’m not talking about going to your library and reading an entire text book on nutrition or metabolic processes (Boring). But what I am suggesting is that you learn from your mistakes and continue to seek out real experts on the subject-experts who can explain the process in a clear and user-friendly manner! (Clarity can be very powerful.)

That’s why I encourage you to keep reading each and every installment of my weekly tips and monthly newsletter. This way, you can avoid the trial-and-error approach to results (ugg!) because I’ll do my very best to provide you with clear and easy to follow tips to keep you moving on the right path no matter what your physique goal may be. (Unless, of course, you want to become an emaciated long distance runner. If that’s the case, I’m not going to be of much help. No offense to you distance runners out there!)

So, in review, if you want to achieve a truly sensational Lean Body you’ll need to:

1. Avoid complacency and continuously fuel your desire!
2. Set goals and deadlines and hold yourself accountable!
3. Follow a quality plan to achieve your goals!
4. Notice if the plan is working and if it isn’t try something new!
5. And always be learning new and better strategies to achieve your goals!

Try this simple plan and I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!


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