Top 4 Reasons Why You Are in a Natural Bodybuilding Plateau and Not Growing Muscle

Today I want to share with you a video blog on the top 4 reasons why you are in a natural bodybuilding plateau and not growing muscle.

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Top 4 Reasons Why You Are in a Natural Bodybuilding Plateau and Not Growing Muscle

Reason #1: Training too much. Too much training raises cortisol levels (stress hormone that eats muscle and preserves fat). Thus, limit training to 60 minutes tops making sure that you are using perfect form and maximum contractions as you perform your exercises.

Reason #2: Not changing your routine. Keeping the routine the same allos the body to get used to it. If you are a beginner you can keep the routine for 6-8 weeks before changing. For beginner routines click here:

As you get more advanced change it every 3-4 weeks. And if you are at my level or above try changing something every time you train. You can change little things like exercise order, some of the exercise themselves, and the speed (tempo) at which you perform your repetitions. Be sure to use periodization in order to achieve maximum gains. See my article on periodization here;

Reason #3: Your bodybuilding diet is not adequate. If you are not eating a solid breakfast, lunch and dinner with protein shakes in between, you will get mediocre results. For sample diets check out mine here: Remember that you need to feed yourself with protein throughout the day in order to stay more anabolic. Be sure to have your good complex carbohydrates, your lean proteins and good fats. For more information about nutrition, please take a look at my nutrition basics article here:

Reason #4: Not Enough Rest. Be sure to use a training frequency of 3 times a week if you are a beginner and 2 times a week as you get more advanced. Also, be sure you get enough sleep at night. 7-8 hours is good.

Reason #5: Too much alcohol. Alcohol lowers testosterone levels and this is not conductive to muscle growth. It also lowers protein synthesis so this is obviously not going to help your bodybuilding endeavors.

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  1. Always great points to reiterate because these are the same problems that people constantly fall peril to. It is much more than simply lifting. We grow when we rest.

  2. Yep, I have known what my problem is. Namely ” POOR DIET ” I am thinking of getting DAVE Ruel’s anabolic cooking to fix the situation

  3. hi , i´ve been following you fron about a year and i think you have an excelent body , i start competing recenly and i want to thank you for this artices , help me a lot , im sorry for mi english i´n learning je.

    i want to ask you how i can contact you , fron email or skype, i will like to share whit you mi bodibuilding knowledge and learn more fron you.

    take care

  4. Whose idea must have had some, Trying to turn FINNISH. I CAN NOT VERY Understandably!

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