Ten Fast Fat Burning Tips

If you want to start getting yourself into great shape, here are 10 Fast, Fat Burning Tips that you can use to start melting away that unwanted body fat! Time to rev up your engine and get lean.

Now, here are 10 Fast, Fat Burning Tips:

1. Start today.

Procrastination is the thief of opportunity. Putting your exercise and diet off another day is not going to help you one bit. If you are not already exercising, start today. Stop by the gym on the way home. Get a 15-minute walk in tonight before dinner. It’s your choice. Just make up your mind to start and as they say in the Nike commercials, “Just Do It.”

2. Get a “Body Buddy.”

It’s easier to stick with your fat burning exercise program when you have someone to exercise with. It’s more fun, and it will help to keep you on track when you know that you are accountable to someone. Idea: why not ask your spouse or best friend to work out with you? And for even more support, sign up for my free weekly Lean Body Coach e-newsletter at www.leanbodycoach.com

3. Choose Lower Fat Alternatives to High Fat foods.

Here are some examples: Switch from regular Vitamin D milk to skim milk.; Use Molly McButter or other artificially flavored butter powder instead of butter or margarine; choose nonfat cheese over fat laden regular cheese; choose turkey, chicken, or fish over pork, ham, bacon, lunch meats, lamb or beef; choose baked foods over fried foods; choose baked non-fat potato chips over regular potato chips, or better yet, just eat crispy fresh raw veggies such as celery or carrots for snacks instead.

4. Add vegetables and fruits to your diet.

Just skip the fat-laden salad dressings and sauces when you eat these natural wonders. Veggies and fruit add roughage to your diet, keeping you healthy. They also add bulk to your meal, making you feel fuller, without adding a ton of calories.

5. Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day.

Eating small frequent meals throughout the day stimulates your metabolism, enabling you to burn more calories, even at rest. Instead of three large meals each day, eat three medium meals, with snacks in between. If you have trouble eating frequently during the day, try a good ready to drink protein shake. They will help you to get in shape faster by providing great tasting, nutrient rich nutrition to your body.

6. Pack your own lunch.

If you wait until you are hungry before saying “What can I eat?” you are doomed from the start. Once you get hungry, you’ll eat anything! Pack your healthy meals in Tupperware and Zip Lok bags and carry them to work or school with you in a small cooler. Preparation is the key!

7. Eat breakfast.

This is perhaps the most important meal of the day. That’s because breakfast gets your blood sugar up in the morning and helps to keep your energy levels high throughout the day. Skip the coffee and donut. Try a bowl of oatmeal and scrambled Egg Beaters instead. You’ll feel the difference.

8. Drink lots of water.

8-10 glasses of water per day is just what the doctor ordered, regardless of the controversy of how much is enough. Staying hydrated will keep you feeling fuller so that you don’t overeat. It also helps with the process of elimination of waste products that your body produces when it burns fat.

9. Do at least 30 minutes of aerobics 3 times per week.

Doing aerobic training helps to burn fat while you are exercising, builds your endurance, and helps to increase blood flow throughout the body. In short, it’s good for you! Try riding a stationary bike, or riding your bike through the neighborhood. Walking, jogging, and swimming are fine too. Get your heart rate up and break a sweat!

10. Do at least 30 minutes of weight training 3 times per week.

Weight training is at the heart of any successful exercise program designed to increase muscle and burn fat. It builds muscle tissue, which in turn increases your metabolism, so that you burn more fat for energy, even at rest.

10.5 Remember that Rome wasn’t built in one day!

If you have spent the last ten years getting yourself out of shape, don’t expect to develop the body of a Roman god or goddess over night. You can expect to see changes (sometimes dramatic!) inside 12 weeks, but you have to stick with your program. Nothing worthwhile is accomplished over night. Just remember that YOU CAN DO IT. Many have and so can you. Hang in there long enough to give yourself a chance to succeed!

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