Teen Fat Loss Tips Revealed

Teens are the ones who are affected the most by the load of misinformation that is out there about weight loss. I remember being on this boat back when I was a teen. I was overweight and I was willing to do anything in order to lose the weight. As a result, I made many mistakes and fell victim to all of the misinformation.

Because I want to prevent other teens from going through my trials and tribulations, here are my top weight loss tips for teens!

Teen Weight Loss Tip #1: Do Not Starve!

That is correct. When you deprive your body from valuable macronutrients needed for survival, and your caloric intake is too low, this has a reverse effect on the body which makes things 10 times worse.

What happens when you begin to restrict your food intake and not consume many calories, your body’s metabolism will begin to slow down as a result in order to conserve calories. When this process takes place, your weight loss will begin to slow down immensely. In addition, your energy levels will plummet as you have deprived yourself of the macronutrients needed for survival.

Repeated attempts to try and lose weight in this unfavorable manner can cause your body’s metabolic rate not to function as it should, and thus, it will become easier for you to gain weight and harder to lose it over time.

Also, keep in mind that starvation puts the body under incredible amounts of stress and we all know what happens when that is the case; a HUGE CORTISOL INCREASE!

The solution is to have the correct diet with the appropriate macronutrient ratios.

Teen Weight Loss Tip #2: Starvation Prevents You From Getting Lean and Toned

Yes, eating less will cause your body to become catabolic. A catabolic state is a state where your body will actually store fat and eat away your lean muscle tissue. The reason for this is because your fat tissue requires fewer calories than your lean muscle tissue. As a result, when your muscle tissue is restricted from the calories needed to function properly, your body eats away muscle tissue and stores more fat.

Again, a diet with the right macronutrient ratios (carbs, proteins and fats) that feeds your body frequently is the secret to achieving a faster metabolism.

Teen Weight Loss Tip #3: Do Not Blame Yourself for Being Overweight

Realize that feeling guilty is NOT the way to approach this situation. It is important to not blame yourself, parents, friends or family for being overweight. Switching the blame to someone else or feeling guilty will only make things worse. Focus instead on the solution which is to embark on the right nutrition and exercise program.

Teen Weight Loss Tip #4: Realistic Goals Make For Successful Outcomes

It is important to realize that there is not a single diet out there that will allow you to lose 20 pounds a week. First and foremost, losing weight at such a rapid pace is unhealthy and not possible unless you are severely overweight. Furthermore, such fast weight loss is usually not a permanent one and is regained quickly.

Try to make goals such as: “I will lose 2 pounds each week until I get down to X amount of pounds.” By having short term goals like this, slowly but surely you are constantly moving forward to the final destination.

Teen Weight Loss Tip #5: Add A Little Exercise Into Your Life

For those who are looking to lose weight, exercising is key to maximizing the effects of the diet. Exercising regularly will not only help you burn off more calories but it will also give you more energy and tone up your body.

If you feel that you are too overweight to do anything else, then just go for a light walk outside. Make exercising fun by getting a friend to be your workout partner or even try walking your dog. All of these things are a great way to make exercising fun and effective.

Teen Weight Loss Tip #6: Look For Other Ways To Measure Your Success Besides Weight Loss

A common mistake I find people making is they do not reward themselves for success if they do not achieve the weight loss goals they wanted in X amount of time. If people do not lose the 2 pounds they desired in a week, they get frustrated and allow the negativity to triumph over the positive.

It is important to understand that sometimes, especially when you include weight training exercise, weight stays the same but measurements change; which means that you are losing fat weight and gaining muscle weight which will help to tone you and increase your metabolism permanently.

So if you have lost an inch on your waist and your bodyweight has remained the same, that tells me that you have lost body fat weight and gained muscle weight at the same time. This is the sort of scenario that we are looking for since muscle gives shape to your body and also, every pound of muscle added is a pound that increases your metabolic rate and makes fat loss that much easier!

Teen Weight Loss Tip #7: Focus On The Positive, NOT the Negative

Some people get really discouraged if the scale weight is not moving as fast as they’d like. Realize that as long as you are making progress and moving forward in the right direction, you are taking the necessary steps to succeed with your weight loss goals. I guarantee you that as long as you follow a proven program, like the one laid out in the Fat Extinction Program, with consistency and perseverance you will accomplish any weight loss goal regardless of how big they are!



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