When I came across Will Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed (which is the updated version of its predecessor Anabolic Nutrition) I asked myself what could he have possibly updated as there hasn’t been any new major breakthroughs in the science of muscle gain that I am aware of. However, once I opened up the new e-book, I was blown away when I saw the huge amount of highly useful bodybuilding information staring at me.


This Systems Covers Every Possible Subject Relating To Gaining Muscle Mass

Though at first a bit overwhelming, I immediately noticed the table of contents on the side that allows for quick and easy navigation through your topics of interest. While I recommend you read the whole manual from cover to cover at least three times, as it has that much useful information, you can immediately find the answer to any burning questions that you may have, whether these may be training, nutrition or supplementation related by using the highly detailed table of contents on the left hand side.

The system is called Bodybuilding Revealed and with good reason. Will Brink not only covers each subject that pertains to gaining muscle mass in a very detailed and easy to understand manner, but he also got some of the top experts in the field to contribute to his work as well. For instance, he has Charles Poliquin, which in my opinion is the world’s top authority on training science, cover advanced training. Poliquin’s chapter alone is worth the price of the book as it really sets the record straight on how to design programs that will build solid muscle mass fast. He also has Dr. Evan Peck, MD, an expert in rehabilitation and physical science (who by the way is no stranger to the gym as he has trained for over a decade and has played sports most of his life) cover the subjects of overcoming training plateaus, muscle soreness and injuries.

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Bodybuilding Nutrition Chapters And Progress Tracking

Will starts out the system covering muscle building nutrition in great detail. In his first chapter all basic information is covered and all myths are shattered with scientific evidence to support his points. For instance, the most disturbing and prevalent myth of protein being damaging to healthy kidneys is addressed as well as the myth that all fats will get you fat. The second chapter explains exactly how to design your muscle building diet. By the time you are done with the second chapter of this book you will know exactly what foods to eat, how much of them, and at what times in order to maximize your muscle mass gains. You will also be surprised at how simple it really is to create a diet for muscle mass gains.

The third chapter covers topics that are of utmost importance to the success of a bodybuilding plan, but which are hardly ever talked about. These topics include tips for preparing food in advance so that it is easier to adhere to the nutrition program, food grocery shopping tips, what kitchen tools will help you in the success of your program (such as a scale, measuring cups, etc), managing your meals away from home and tracking your intake. One thing that impressed me the most is the fact that on his member’s area, you have access to a food tracker that helps you with the task of logging the amount of nutrients that are consumed on a daily basis.

Chapter 4 deals with how to track your progress and provides real world examples of people who have successfully followed the program with practical advice from each one.
Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews

Chapter 5 really could be a book by itself and the information here will literally save you hundreds of dollars; perhaps thousands depending on what your bodybuilding supplements budget looks like. As a matter of fact, I was perplexed by the amount of work that must have gone into this chapter. The subject covered is that of bodybuilding supplements, and once again, Will is not going to make any new friends after the people in the supplement industry read this. Trust me when I tell you that every single supplement in the market is extensively covered. Will makes sense out of the research (and at times lack thereof) for every product out there and tells you whether it makes sense to add the supplement to your program or not. As those of us who have been around the industry long enough know, most supplements out there don’t hold up to their promises, and even the ones that do work, at times have their efficacy over-exaggerated by the supplement ads in the magazines. After you go through Chapter 5, you will know which products work, how beneficial they really are, and what the research and real world results say. As you may find out, some products do really well on the research end, but when put to the test on the real world fail to deliver any benefit. Will also provides a system for scoring supplements and once you are armed with this information you will no longer be at the mercy of an unscrupulous salesman.

Chapters 6 and 7, as well as the remainder of the bonus chapters, all deal with training science. Again, this part of the book could be a stand alone book by itself as it is that detailed. In addition, Will recruited Charles Poliquin and Doctor Evans to also contribute their extensive knowledge on the subject. Once you are done with this part of the book, if you are an absolute beginner you will not only know what is the most results producing way to go about your workouts, but your knowledge base will be light years ahead of everyone else at your gym (this includes most trainers too unless they too have read the e-book). Even if you are a highly advanced bodybuilder like myself, I guarantee you that you will learn something new that can be implemented immediately to your workouts.

You can check out Will Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed Here => Bodybuilding Revealed Site

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As usual, Will’s writing is unbiased, factual, straight to the point, and many times humorous. One thing I love about Will is that he understands the fact that research on the lab not always applies to real world results. I saw this myself when I worked as a research and development engineer for DSL technologies back in my engineering days. So throughout the book, especially on the extensive supplement reviews chapter, Will makes reference to what the studies say and compares that with what the real world results show. He also provides the references for such studies in case that, like myself, you like to occupy your free time reading such literature. And finally, in his member’s area you can get answers to any question that you may still have from Will himself or any of the other experts that he has on the forum as well.

This e-book is worth way more than the money being asked for it ($47.00) and in addition it comes with an 8 week unconditional money back guarantee. Because of all these reasons, it gets an extremely enthusiastic five stars from me and I only wish I had this information 18 years ago.

You can check out Will Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed Here => Bodybuilding Revealed Site

Value Limited Offer Price $47, With $77 Free Gifts & LifeTime VIP Support <== Order Now!


In his latest Fat Loss e-book, fitness expert and industry consultant Will Brink eliminates the confusion about getting in shape by providing a resource that not only gives detailed information regarding how to design a diet and training program geared for fat loss but also identifies the supplements that can deliver results and which ones won’t.


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Fat Loss Revealed - Lose Belly Fat & Get a Six Pack

Quick Overview


  • Unbiased supplement recommendations that are based on science and real world results.
  • Includes list of the best carb, protein and EFA sources to consume.
  • Includes detailed information on how to set up a weight training/cardiovascular exercise program as well as extremely detailed formulas for figuring out how many carbohydrates, proteins and fats you will need on a daily basis in order to lose fat and gain muscle.
  • Contains training and dieting advice relevant to beginners and the most advanced athletes as well. So whether your goal is to look good for the beach or enter a bodybuilding contest (or simply look like you can enter one), all the information you need in order to achieve those goals is there.
  • Easy to download e-book or audio format.
  • Excellent forum full of resources and advice from the author and other experts as well. [Read more…]
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