Can You Get Better Natural Bodybuilding Results Via Super Slow Lifting?

The concept of super slow lifting for better natural bodybuilding gains is not a new concept. It has been around probably for as long as weight training has been.

It started to become a really popular concept once a Florida-based trainer named Ken Hutchins (author of “Aerobics is Dead” and “Why NOT Aerobics”) patented the name and really started promoting the idea. In addition, I have also seen many books written by Dr. Ellington Darden (writer of over 40 weight training publications such as the “Nautilus Advanced Bodybuilding Book”, “Bigger Muscles in 42 Days”, and “Grow :A 28-Day Crash Course for Getting Huge”) promoting slow lifting as a way to enhance your natural bodybuilding gains. Basically the concept is simple: slow down the repetition in such a way that it takes you 14 seconds to perform each one. [Read more…]

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