Bodybuilding has helped me through various aspects of my life. One area that bodybuilding has affected help change my life forever. I have always done pretty well in school, but I never did anything that was extraordinary. I simply did what was required to get by and never went out of my way as I never felt there was a need to so. However, after my first bodybuilding show, I possessed the 3-D’s that has helped bring my education to a higher level. After completing three months of strict dieting and intense training, I literally felt that I could accomplish anything. From the day after my show to where I currently stand, I have carried over the discipline I received from bodybuilding and applied it to my studies. The 3-D’s has helped me go from the average student to making all A’s with an occasional B every once in awhile. Now that you have heard what the 3-D’s have done for me, I will give you some basic rules that can be applied to ensure better results in the class room. [Read more…]

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