Natural Bodybuilding FAQ-How To Get Big Arms?

Next to abs, the question on how to get big arms seems to be the second most frequently natural bodybuilding question. In this FAQ, I hope to answer how to win the arms race.
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Natural Bodybuilding Tip: Change is the Spark of Bodybuilding Progress

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In this natural bodybuilding exercise video I show how to perform concentration curls properly so that you can get big and ripped biceps. [Read more…]

Shape Up Your Midsection In Record Time With These Abdominal Training Routines!

Since I get so many questions on what good abdominal training routines look like, below are three ab routines that can be performed easily from the comfort of your home or at the gym. One routine is for beginners, one for intermediates, and the other one is for advanced bodybuilders. The last routines are for competitive bodybuilders or for highly advanced bodybuilders who want to challenge themselves and try them out.

As always, keep in mind that no amount of abdominal training will give you the “ripped” six-pack look unless you follow a fat loss diet. Abdominal training serves to stimulate and firm up the muscles of the abdomen while the diet along with cardiovascular exercise are the ones that strip off the body fat covering these muscles.

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Since I have been talking lately to a lot of confused teenage bodybuilders who are in the same predicament today that I was back when I started in bodybuilding, I decided to cover the subject of bodybuilding workouts for teens.

I remember back in May 1990 when I picked up my first bodybuilding magazine and saw the pictures of great bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Labrada, Shawn Ray and Lee Haney. I was mesmerized by how these guys looked and immediately I wanted to look like them; sooner rather than later. As a matter of fact, I set a goal of achieving that look in 3 years. I also remember saying to myself: “if 3 sets per exercise are good, then 6 sets will be even better and if most bodybuilders train 90 minutes a day, then I will train for three hours.” While that philosophy made perfect sense to me, and the work ethic is certainly commendable, if I would have known what I now know I would have made way more gains than I made back then and would certainly only have spent a fraction of the original time that I spent working out.

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