Since I have gotten over 100 email requests for a review of
Nick Nilsson’s “Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss” program,
and I have not had the time to put a proper review together
for you as I have been super busy on my end, I talked Nick
into helping me out by writing a summary of what his program
consists of. Nick, being the cool guy that he is, sat down
and put this together for me in less than 24 hours (thank you

With that said, here it’s an inside look at Nick Nilsson’s
“Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss” program. Nick is pulling
back the curtain to show you exactly what his program is
all about and how it works so you can see if this something
that might work for you. [Read more…]

I’ve been getting tons of emails with super positive feedback
on the content I have sent from Nick. Again, since this is the
time when a lot of you are looking for fast fat loss, I asked
Nick to please share something with me on that subject.

Here is the article that he put together on this which shares
some extremely interesting ideas that when applied simply
provide BIG RESULTS…

[Read more…]

As promised yesterday here is another great article from
my friend and mad scientist Nick Nilsson. Got great feedback
from many of you who went ahead and started to implement
Nick’s crazy non stop technique for incinerating fat! Today,
I want to share with you a technique that Nick has which
is great not only for fat burning but for muscle building as
well! This technique will make you get way more results
in just 1 set!


While normal sets only work a select type and number
of muscle fibers, Nick’s Triple Add Set technique can
work EVERY muscle fiber you’ve got in a SINGLE SET!

[Read more…]

Nick Nilsson and Hugo Rivera Extreme Muscle Building Tactics Podcast

This morning I called up my friend and natural bodybuilder Nick Nilsson to discuss extreme and rarely talked about muscle building tactics that will dramatically accelerate your muscle building gains. Trust me, you will not read about these tactics in the magazines!

Scroll down to hear the podcast and discover these rare and extreme training tactics.

Also, do not forget to take a look at my review on Nick’s Muscle Explosion 28-Day Extreme Bodybuilding System which is designed to greatly accelerate muscle tissue growth and take ANYONE out of the toughest plateaus.

Check out Hugo’s Review Here => Muscle Explosion 28-Day Extreme Bodybuilding System Review


And by the way, this week, only until Friday, Nick will be doing a special ONLY FOR MY NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS AND WEBSITE VISITORS where you can get his Extreme 28-day Muscle Explosion program, which typically retails for $69.95 (an already discounted rate), for ONLY $29.95!

==> Get The Extreme Growth 28-Day Muscle Explosion Here at 75% OFF ($29.95) <==Gain up to 10-lbs in 28 days!

In addition, I got Nick to include his four “Classified Muscle Building” books, covering Arms, Chest, Abs and some of the most insane Intensity Techniques you’ve never seen before.

This is 143 pages of KILLER training information that contains 20+ years of his best tips, tricks and training techniques for maximizing your results on every single exercise you do, from barbell curls to bench press to pushdowns, crunches and a whole lot more.

This bonus will be GONE along with the sale price on Friday, July 13th at midnight.



==> Get The Extreme Growth 28-Day Muscle Explosion Here at 75% OFF ($29.95) <==Gain up to 10-lbs in 28 days!

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How I Gained 25 Pounds In One Week

When I read this article I almost fell off the chair.

This is the story of how Nick Nilsson personally went from
192 pounds to 217 pounds in bodyweight in only 7 days! Sounds
insane and impossible, I know. That is why it is so important
that you read this article since Nick discloses the
killer non traditional techniques he used to accomplish this
mind-blowing weight gain!

[Read more…]

Muscle Explosion Natural Bodybuilding System Review

What Is Muscle Explosion?

Muscle Explosion is an extremely aggressive and non-conventional 28-day bodybuilding program from my friend natural bodybuilder and mad scientist Nick Nilsson. It is designed for athletes who want to take their physiques to another level at the fastest rate possible.


Who Is The System For?

This is an excellent program for those of you who could not try out Hypertrophy Max due to its price and who have done programs like Body Re-Engineering and MI-40 and are ready to take their body to yet another level. This program is GUARANTEED to shock your body into growth. If you are someone who think that you have reached your genetic potential, think again. If you follow this program you will see how much untapped potential you still have. [Read more…]

Natural Bodybuilding FAQ: Should You Train With Muscle Soreness?

The question of whether you should train with muscle soreness or not is one that often comes through my inbox. The typical advice is to wait until you’re not sore to train that muscle again. However, is this really the case? Check out this awesome article on the subject from my friend natural bodybuilder Nick Nilsson. The answer, as you will see, may surprise you. [Read more…]

How To Force Your Body To Build Muscle Report

This past week I was having a great conversation with my friend Nick “The Mad Scientist of Muscle” Nilsson. Nick is a very successful natural bodybuilder with poor genetics who started out at 145-lbs soaking wet and now weighs over 200-lbs with single digit body fat levels! At either rate, I LOVE talking to Nick as he is pretty insane when it comes to building muscle. Conventional is not a word I would use to describe his training methods. [Read more…]

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