When school season start, alot of bodybuilders mistakenly drop their bodybuilding programs in order to focus on school. While on the surface it may seem that putting your bodybuilding program on the back burner during the school year may be a great idea in order to save time and focus more on your studies, you may want to re-think that strategy. [Read more…]

Natural Bodybuilding Routine for Shocking the Biceps Muscles
Use this natural bodybuilding biceps routine to shock the biceps muscles into new growth.
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20 Minute Natural Bodybuilding Routine for Legs

Learn how to blast your legs in 20 minutes with this natural bodybuilding routine for legs.
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If you are wondering how to implement periodization (which is the orderly variation of your workout parameters – sets, reps and rest in between sets) in order to gain muscle and lose fat, here is another sample natural bodybuilding routine that uses periodization. [Read more…]

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