Natural Bodybuilding FAQ: How to Choose a Good Personal Trainer?

Personal training is becoming a hot profession these days. As a matter of fact, personal training is the fastest growing profession in the health and fitness industry! So it is a fair assumption that if you go to a gym, there will be at least one personal trainer offering his or her services to new bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. [Read more…]

Natural Bodybuilding Question: Can I Make Better Natural Bodybuilding Gains if I Train More?
A common misconception amongst natural bodybuilding beginners is that the more they train the more they gain. While this would seem like a logical assumption, due to the fact that our anabolic hormones are affected negatively after a certain amount of training, training too much can have an adverse effect on your gains. [Read more…]

How Much Weight Should I Lift For Best Bodybuilding Gains?

This is a very common question for beginners who are just getting started in natural bodybuilding.

The answer, however, is a very simple one but before I discuss it, we need to first talk about muscular failure. [Read more…]

This week I answered the following natural bodybuilding question:

I know that it is the deltoid muscles that give you the really nice tri-dimensional look above the biceps and triceps area, but what I don’t know is if I will lose the definition while I am trying to build them. Is it possible to build muscles and get cut at the same time doing natural bodybuilding? Will building muscle in the shoulders make me lose the definition forever?
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Lose Fat Under The Pecs and Increase Your Bench Press

Today I answered the following natural bodybuilding question:

Natural Bodybuilding Question:

How can I lose fat underneath pecs and increase bench press?

Right now I am 18, weigh about 130 and can bench max 130. How could I increase this and also get rid of the fat underneath pec? Decline? Specific please

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Today on my private forums I was asked the following natural bodybuilding question:

Natural Bodybuilding Question;

Dear Hugo:

Without compromising resistance training, would it do any harm to grab a set of resistance bands and run through a series of exercises say later in the day or in the evening? I do my bodybuilding training in the morning with weight’s and cardio right after, [Read more…]

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