Today I am interviewing one of my friends in the fitness industry: Mike Westerdal.

Mike Westerdal

Mike Westerdal is a certified personal trainer and amateur powerlifter residing in sunny Clearwater, Florida. He enjoys being a contributing writer for REPS!, Iron Man, Powerlifting USA, and dozens of other publications.

Westerdal is the founder of Critical bench located at Mike’s fitness publishing company boasts being one of the Internet’s first strength training and muscle building Web sites online.

His most popular workout is the best selling Critical Bench Program 2.0 that has successfully helped over 17,238 clients increase their bench press by an average of fifty pounds in ten weeks. With this unique power-building approach you’re guaranteed to build all around size and strength.

So since I get so many people asking me how to increase their bench, I decided to get all of the secrets from my friend Mike, who is an expert on the subject as you can see from his records below:

Mike’s Bench Press Personal Records:

630 lbs equipped bench press in competition
452 lbs raw bench press
405 lbs for 5-reps
315 lbs for 15-reps

So without further ado, I will get started with this revealing interview.

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