Natural Bodybuilding Q&A: Squats Don’t Work Your Legs?

Today I got a question from a good friend of mine who stumbled upon a video of a coach talking about how the king of leg exercises in bodybuilding, the squat, is an exercise that only works the back and that it should not be performed as a result. [Read more…]

20 Minute Natural Bodybuilding Routine for Legs

Learn how to blast your legs in 20 minutes with this natural bodybuilding routine for legs.
[Read more…]

Natural Bodybuilding FAQ – What’s a Good Advanced Natural Bodybuilding Workout Routine?

Question: Hi Hugo. I’m a big fan of your articles and columns. Thanks for all of the great work you do. I have a question. I realize that I am a natural bodybuilder but I would like to do some high volume routines, like Arnold used to do. Is there any way that as a natural bodybuilder I can get away with doing a high volume workout program? Also, I want to emphasize my leg development. Can you help me with this? [Read more…]

In this article I talk about what natural bodybuilding exercises women can do to shape up the legs & abs at home without equipment. [Read more…]

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