Thanks to my good friend Bill Kemp, I just read the news in the Associated Press that natural bodybuilding and fitness icon Jack LaLanne passed at the age of 96 on January 23.

Who is Jack LaLanne?

For those of you who don’t know Jack LaLanne, he was one of the pionners of the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Often called the “Godfather of Fitness”, Jack LaLanne was the son of poor immigrant French parents who was so weak when he was young that his doctor advised he stayed home to recover his strength. His concerned mother attended a lecture from nutritionist Paul C. Bragg and that is when Jack’s life changed. When the nutritionist told Jack that he was a walking garbage can due to all the bad sugary foods he consumed, Jack decided to change his life for the better. From that day on he became an avid student of anatomy, bodybuilding and weightlifting.

Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne (Photo Credit: Jack LaLanne’s Blog)

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