How many times have you made a promise to yourself to finally kick the bad food habits and start eating ‘clean’ and healthy…Only for it all to fall apart a few weeks later?

Sounds familiar?

This is exactly what happens at the start of every New Year, when motivation is high, resolutions are made…and then broken a few weeks in due to food temptations!

Let’s face it…bland food just sucks sometimes and most people cannot deal with a tasteless diet. I dealt with it for years as I trained myself to deal with it and I figured that looking good tasted much better than food. However, once I was taught ways to make my food taste good, I never looked back and that made my muscle building phases (when you need to eat much more food) a lot more enjoyable; something that allowed me to consume all of the food I needed in order to make proper gains. More on this in a minute..

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