A key component of the formula for bodybuilding success is nutrition. Nutrition is what gives us the raw materials for recuperation, energy, and growth. Without a good diet, your dreams of achieving your ideal body will never be reached.

In this article I’ll discuss the characteristics of a good bodybuilding diet and also cover the macronutrients that we need on a daily basis, as well as how much, in order to gain muscle and lose fat.

Characteristics of a Good Nutrition Program

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When it comes to weight training routines there are generally two types of routines that come to mind: bodysculpting and bodybuilding routines.

The first type of training is used by the group who just wants to firm up and lose body fat. This can be accomplished by adding some muscle and losing bodyfat in order to tighten up. A good long term goal to aim for is to lose enough body fat so that you can reach a 13-16% body fat range if you are a woman and between 8-10% if you are a guy. This sort of training can be referred to as body sculpting training.

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