As I do realize it is not easy for everyone to prepare meals or eat at certain times of the day due to their schedules, this does not mean that fast food is your enemy. As a matter of fact, if you are able to make the right macronutrient choices when eating at fast food places, you will be just fine and actually have no problem achieving your fat loss goals!

Before I reveal to you some good options when eating at fast food locations or restaurants, always try to follow these basic principles:

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This is something I cannot stress enough to bodybuilders who are serious about growing. Many may not even know about push and pull exercises and why you should always perform one push and one pull per day. If you train only one muscle group a day it is okay, but still try to alternate from a push and the next day a pull. Some examples of push exercises would be your chest, shoulders, triceps and your thighs. Some examples of pulls would be back, hamstrings, and biceps. [Read more…]

Anabolic steroids are quite popular in today’s times. Teenagers are often misled on what they do and the side effects caused by them. This article is given for informational purposes only and is intended to get the truth out about steroids. This article was written to solve any questions or mysteries some teens might have about them.

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Many bodybuilding information today neglects to talk about fibers. They are concerned with the three macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats) when it comes to eating the right foods to achieve your bodybuilding goals. Although not as important as macronutrients, fiber can still play a key role in your success. [Read more…]

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