Natural Bodybuilding Video: Hugo Rivera and Ben Pakulski Talk Bodybuilding Training with MI-40, Part 2

In this natural bodybuilding video, IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski and Hugo Rivera talk about bodybuilding training and how MI-40 helps you to gain muscle mass!

This is part 2 of 4.

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Bonus: Natural Bodybuilding FAQ With Ben: How Do I Know How Much Work is Enough?

Bodybuilding Question: Ben, could you please tell me how much work at the gym you think is necessary to stimulate muscle growth? How do I know when I have done enough? [Read more…]

7-Min Home Dumbbell Quadriceps Workout Routine: Learn how to train the quadriceps in 7 minutes simply using some dumbbells in the comfort of your home.

Quadriceps Workout: 7-Min Quadriceps Workout with Dumbbells at Home

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3-Min Home Ab Workout: Crunches & Leg Raises for 6-Pack Abs

If you think that you need fancy equipment or all of the time in the world to get 6-pack abs, think again! With this 3-minute home abdominal workout that consists of bicycle crunches, regular crunches and leg raises you can get 6-pack abs in no time.

You will be performing all abdominal exercises one after the other with no rest in between sets. Only rest 30 seconds after the leg raises. Here is your 3-minute home ab workout:

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This is a big myth that has plagued women in their efforts to lose weight! The truth is that while cardio can definitely help you lose weight and get into great shape, it is only one piece of the puzzle.

Now what I am about to say may come as a shock to many, but pay close attention because it is the truth!

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