7-Min Natural Bodybuilding Home Calves Workout Routine

Learn how to train the calves in 7 minutes simply using a raised surface like some stairs in the comfort of your home.

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Natural Bodybuilding FAQ – What’s a Good Advanced Natural Bodybuilding Workout Routine?

Question: Hi Hugo. I’m a big fan of your articles and columns. Thanks for all of the great work you do. I have a question. I realize that I am a natural bodybuilder but I would like to do some high volume routines, like Arnold used to do. Is there any way that as a natural bodybuilder I can get away with doing a high volume workout program? Also, I want to emphasize my leg development. Can you help me with this? [Read more…]

Calves are a vital component to your bodybuilding training routines and without them you will never be able to have the complete head to toe physique you strive for. In addition, bigger looking calves give the optical illusion of having bigger looking thighs as well.

Calves besides being one of the most neglected body parts in the gym, are ones whose training is most misunderstood. Some people claim that you need to hit them every day with high reps while others claim that low rep low volume works best. In my experience I found that an approach of heavy training twice a week worked great…or so I thought. [Read more…]

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