Natural Bodybuilding 35-Minute Arms Workout

This week I want to share with you a 35 minute natural bodybuilding arms workout that I absolutely love! This workout only requires a set of dumbbells and a floor mat (optional) to get the job done so it can be done at home or at the gym (at the gym you can use a bench). You will experience a massive pump from it as it is fast paced in nature so be ready to have your heart muscle working hard as well! [Read more…]

I’ve been a longtime fan and own both your videos “I want to Pump you Up” and “Mass with Class” along with your book “The Lean Body Promise” not to mention the countless training articles you write in Muscle and Fitness magazine and Flex magazine. I’m currently using a personal trainer but I feel the routine he’s layed out for me is wrong.

[Read more…]

When people think of bodybuilding, the first thing that comes to mind is big arms. How many bodybuilders, me included, just started by doing some biceps curls? After all, one of the most common requests bodybuilders get is to flex their arms. And while a great physique is much more than big arms, nobody can argue that all great physiques have equally great arms! [Read more…]

This is something I cannot stress enough to bodybuilders who are serious about growing. Many may not even know about push and pull exercises and why you should always perform one push and one pull per day. If you train only one muscle group a day it is okay, but still try to alternate from a push and the next day a pull. Some examples of push exercises would be your chest, shoulders, triceps and your thighs. Some examples of pulls would be back, hamstrings, and biceps. [Read more…]

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