How To Achieve Bodybuilding Goals

Without goals we are like a ship in the middle of the sea, just drifting away with no sense of direction. It just goes with the flow, so to speak, and if it ever gets anywhere it is just by mere accident. In order to achieve success from your bodybuilding program, your goal should be clearly defined and engrained in the brain. Otherwise, like the boat on the example above, if you get anywhere it will be by mere chance.

Have you ever noticed that some people go to the gym year after year and they always look the same? I have approached people like that and asked them about their goals. Nine out of ten times they don’t have a clear definition of what they want. Therefore, if you don’t know where your target is, how can you hope to shoot at it and get it?

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There are many reasons why people fail to achieve their bodybuilding goals. Unfortunately, when goals are missed, many people get frustrated and toss the whole bodybuilding program and never come back to it. However, if you are frustrated with your progress, the best strategy is to regroup, take a look at your training journal (I am assuming you have one), analyze the reason the goals were missed and create new goals. [Read more…]

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