How many times have you made a promise to yourself to finally kick the bad food habits and start eating ‘clean’ and healthy…Only for it all to fall apart a few weeks later?

Sounds familiar?

This is exactly what happens at the start of every New Year, when motivation is high, resolutions are made…and then broken a few weeks in due to food temptations!

Let’s face it…bland food just sucks sometimes and most people cannot deal with a tasteless diet. I dealt with it for years as I trained myself to deal with it and I figured that looking good tasted much better than food. However, once I was taught ways to make my food taste good, I never looked back and that made my muscle building phases (when you need to eat much more food) a lot more enjoyable; something that allowed me to consume all of the food I needed in order to make proper gains. More on this in a minute..

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Today I have my friend and fellow fitness expert Belinda Benn on the line (who I am honored to say got her start by using one of my books her guides!) and she will be sharing with us some wonderful fitness tips with us as well as a load of motivation that you can use to get the year started on the right direction!

Here’s her inspiring story…and by the way, unlike me, she did not start in her teens; she started in her forties! How often have I heard 27 year old’s say that they are too old to get started! This goes to show that you can start at any age and accomplish your goals if you put your mind to it! [Read more…]

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