Natural Bodybuilding FAQ – What’s a Good Advanced Natural Bodybuilding Workout Routine?

Question: Hi Hugo. I’m a big fan of your articles and columns. Thanks for all of the great work you do. I have a question. I realize that I am a natural bodybuilder but I would like to do some high volume routines, like Arnold used to do. Is there any way that as a natural bodybuilder I can get away with doing a high volume workout program? Also, I want to emphasize my leg development. Can you help me with this? [Read more…]

3-Min Home Ab Workout: Crunches & Leg Raises for 6-Pack Abs

If you think that you need fancy equipment or all of the time in the world to get 6-pack abs, think again! With this 3-minute home abdominal workout that consists of bicycle crunches, regular crunches and leg raises you can get 6-pack abs in no time.

You will be performing all abdominal exercises one after the other with no rest in between sets. Only rest 30 seconds after the leg raises. Here is your 3-minute home ab workout:

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Abdominal Training For Bodybuilding

Nothing looks more impressive than a well built physique with a six pack of sharply defined abdominal muscles in front of it. Remembering that abdominal definition is entirely dependent upon an awesome bodybuilding diet(as unless you strip enough body fat from your body to get down to 6% for males and 12% for women you will not be able to clearly see your abdominals), I will present below a routine that guarantees quick results in terms of hardening the abdominal wall.

The routine below is composed of 7 abdominal exercises carefully chosen to hit both the upper and lower abdominals. You will note that it can be performed very easily in the comfort of your living room. You will also notice that no direct oblique work is present.

The reason for this is the fact that in my experience, direct oblique work only leads to a wider waistline. Besides, obliques get enough indirect stimulation from basic exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, and Standing Presses, as well as Sit-ups, V-Ups, etc.

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