Solution #5 To Doubling Your Muscle Gains: 3-Phase Nutrition

Here is Part 5 of a great series of articles from my friend and top IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski who shares some VALUABLE knowledge that all of us can apply IMMEDIATELY in order to double our gains. Using Ben’s advice I have been able to gain over 10-lbs of solid muscle in the last 6 months (something I thought was impossible for someone at my level). Thus, pay attention to what Ben has to say 🙂 For Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 click on the links below:
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Gaining FAT Faster Than You Gain MUSCLE!?

by Ben Pakulski, IFBB Pro
Creator of the program.

I’m not going to sit here and assume you all don’t already know how important nutrition is to optimizing growth. I KNOW you do.

People come to me all the time and ask “What is the BEST approach to take if I want to gain muscle and lose fat?”

Is that even possible?

Well, the truth of the matter is that, yes, it is absolutely possible.

Is it easy? Of course not. BUT it is SIMPLE.

Let me do my best to explain.

Your first consideration when it comes to nutrition is RECOVERY.

You need to always ensure that your body has what it needs to recover when it needs it.

It is very important to nourish your muscles around the workout.

Your muscles need protein, in the form of amino acids, present in the bloodstream ALL the time or the body will start to leach those aminos from other parts of your body (Read: break down your muscles). This is BAD NEWS for those of us trying to build muscle.

REMEMBER: Weight training is a catabolic process — it breaks down muscle! It’s when we leave the gym and feed the body that the growth and re-growth processes occur.

Whenever possible we want to minimize the amount of muscle breakdown during the workout. In order to do this, certain essential nutrients MUST be present:

branch chain aminos

This is your first consideration when it comes to building muscle.

The other main considerations of an intelligent nutrition plan are timing of nutrients, and ratio of nutrients (percentage of fats/carbs/proteins).

How do I know WHEN to EAT WHAT?

I think by this point in my life I have probably read EVERY nutrition book ever written (or at least started to read them all. Some are terrible so I toss them out halfway through).

I have probably tried every single logical approach to nutrition at some point in my life.

I was once a vegetarian; I have tried really high carb, low protein; I have tried high protein, low carb; zero carb; zero fat; gluten free; Ketogenic diet; Metabolic diet; Hollywood diet; Fasting diet….you get the idea!

The only one I think I haven’t tried yet is raw food diet because I just don’t think I could support my bodyweight with the limited food sources.

I could tell you pros and cons of each one for someone trying to build muscle and optimize their body composition (a.k.a.,Lose Fat).

My approach to nutrition is very much a hybrid of them all. I believe I have taken the best points from each one and manipulated them to create a formula for people trying to build lean muscle without the excess fat.

Solution #5 To Doubling Your Muscle Gains: 3-Phase Nutrition

Phase 1 of “3-P” is the “recovery” phase.

This phase is centered around taking the time to ensure that your body is getting everything it needs to recover from the overload of weight training and daily stress that you subject it to.

The idea here is to take time to establish the EXACT minimum requirements to meet your bodies needs on a day- to- day basis. As the recovery process begins DURING the workout, so does the P-1 phase.

The calculations are quite simple and applicable to everyone.

Workout carb requirement:

Lean Bodyweight x 0.3= Liquid carb requirement for growth(G)
Lean Bodyweight x 0.3/2= Liquid Carb requirement for fat loss(FL)

We now use this number [(G) OR (FL)] as our baseline number.

Post workout Window- Protein Requirement:

Multiple your baseline number x 2 for your post- workout protein requirement.

Divide your baseline number by 2 to get your BCAA and Glutamine amount in grams. Split BCAA And Glutamine into 2 equal servings, pre- and post- workout.

So here it is in action…


MI40 Massive Muscle Builder #1 weighs 170lbs and is 10% bodyfat (therefore 153lbs lean). He is looking to gain muscle.

His calculation looks like this:

153 x 0.3= 51 grams of carbs to be consumed *around workout.

1) He should try to consume 102g of protein in the 3-hr “POST WORKOUT Window”

2) He should consume 25g of BCAA and 25g of Glutamine each, divided into two servings. One pre- workout, and one post- workout. (12.5g each time)

Pretty simple, right?

Take the time to calculate YOUR ‘P1’ values NOW!

Do not waste another minute in the gym if you’re not supporting the recovery process.

Phase 2 of “3-P” is “Setting your metabolism”

The second phase of 3-PN is all about establishing your metabolism where YOU want it to be!

Yes, this is absolutely possible.

Someone wanting to lose body fat should look at getting their metabolism going as fast as possible before they start the fat burning process.

For some people, this may take up to 3 weeks; others may achieve it in a week.

The standard amount of time for this “metabolic recondition-ing” is 10 days in MI40.

The timing of your food is extremely important. The ratio of protein/carbs/fats is also obviously extremely important.

This phase is also very important for teaching your body how to use nutrients the way you want it to. It’s no secret that 80% of North Americans do not use carbohydrates well. It will be during P-2 that we diligently time your nutrients and use the proper supplementation to allow your cells to re-learn how to properly use carbohydrates.

More effective use of carbohydrates = more muscle growth and less fat!

In my complete MI40 System (which is on special this week for $30 off) I’ll walk you through this phase step-by-step.

Phase 3 of “3-P” is is the phase that is most important to directing and guiding your body exactly where YOU want it to go.

This is the phase where we add or remove calories/nutrients to achieve the specific goal we have set out to achieve.

Most of the participants of MI40 are going to be following what is called a “P-3+” phase.

This is specifically designed to ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs AT THE RIGHT TIMES!

Nutrient timing is THE ONLY WAY to manipulate gains: WHEN your body gets WHAT is the number one most important growth variable outside the gym.

MI40 is going to be pushing your limits of physical performance and growth. Your body is going to require a greater amount of nutrients than it is used to. This is necessary to support all the growth processes.

“But, wont I get fat?”

NO. If you push your physical limits in the gym, your body is going to have a huge increase in demand for nutrients and will burn right through them. To ensure there is NO FAT STORAGE, MI40 will also prescribe a certain degree of NUTRIENT CYCLING.

We give your body all that it needs to grow. Filly those muscles right up so they are strong and ready to grow and recover. Just when they are just about filled to the max, we manipulate the nutrient ratios and prevent spillage.

ALWAYS maintain your P-1+ status. This means you keep your recovery protocol exactly as prescribed above(+).

This is essential to maintain recovery and prevent muscle wasting.

Until then, set you goals high and reach for the stars!

Ben Pakulski, IFBB Pro
Creator of the program.


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