Push vs Pull Exercises

This is something I cannot stress enough to bodybuilders who are serious about growing. Many may not even know about push and pull exercises and why you should always perform one push and one pull per day. If you train only one muscle group a day it is okay, but still try to alternate from a push and the next day a pull. Some examples of push exercises would be your chest, shoulders, triceps and your thighs. Some examples of pulls would be back, hamstrings, and biceps.

Many may disagree with this philosophy of weight training but in my blog I will discuss why I feel that it is important to separate a push vs a pull exercise into different days!

A common mistake I feel bodybuilders make in their training routines is that they combine two pulls or two push exercises in the same day which is keeping them from growing to their full potential. By doing two pulls, for instance let’s say back and biceps which many people like to do, you are pre-exhausting your biceps by working back. I will be the first to tell you that I have done two pulls such as biceps and back in one day. I got great results but felt that my performance in the gym was enhanced when I changed my routines to one push and one pull exercise per day.

Have you have ever noticed that when you do a lat pull down or a pull up it works the bicep also? Then when you go and try to do a bicep curl you can feel that they are not as fresh as before. This is why I highly do not recommend that you do two pushes or two pulls in the same day as doing so is keeping you from the results that you truly deserve. In addition, performing just pushing exercises one day and pulling exercises another day seems to be awfully hard on the joints.

I recommend that instead of doing a split like chest/shoulder/triceps one day, and back and biceps another day, you instead do something like: chest & back on day 1 followed by shoulders and arms on day 2 and legs on day 3. Like I said, you will still make good gains from a push only and a pull only type of split, but in my opinion, you can get better results from an antagonistic (push/pull) type of routine instead and your joints will thank you for it as well.



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