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Want to have daily contact with me to help you with any fitness related topic?

Here’s the deal, if you purchase my Body Re-Engineering system, the same system I gained over 50lbs of muscle with and got shredded, you’ll also get access to my private members area forums where you can have me and other experts help you to achieve your fitness goals!

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My Body Re-Engineering program costs just $39.95, which is less than what most bodybuilding supplements cost these days and with it you’ll get life time access to my forums and me.

So to make that clear, you’ll get my entire Body Re-Engineering program AND access to my private forums for life for under $40 !

You can order here, and you may want to consider picking up my deluxe version as well which includes an audio version of the book as well as even more bonus materials including my own personal training logs.

Hope to see you in the forums soon!

You can purchase Body Re-Engineering and get access to my forums and Body Re-Engineering program in less than a minute from now.

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In the meantime, take care and train hard!

If you have any questions about my private forums or about Body Re-Engineering just leave a reply to this below in the reply box and I’ll get back to you.


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  1. hi how are you ?
    i am from jordan ,i need program for bodybuilding and how i can increase the bodyweight by using proteine?
    and what type of protein i should choose? whey or procomplex
    please give an advaice depending on your experiance.
    thank you so much.
    looking for your replay.

    • Hello Zaid!

      Nice to meet you.

      Please take a look at this article:

      Also, I would use a blend of whey isolate/concentrate and casein during the day and straight whey isolate after the workout.

      Keep up the great work.

      Take care and train hard!

    • Hello Hugo,
      I hope this question finds you in good health.
      I´m a 49 year old Swedish man who is on parental leave at the moment. I´m having a difficult time to get the gym and wonder if your program “Body Re-Engineering” could be done in my apartment? I plan to buy a pair of dumbbells and I already have chin bar and some training bands. I understand the result will not be same without access to a gym but still would I be able to adjust the program and still make some gains with just simple equipment?
      With thanks,
      Per Hedberg

      • Hello Per…With a chin up bar and dumbbells you can certainly do Body Re-Engineering at home 🙂 And with an adjustable bench you can even do more exercises. Even without the adjustable bench you can still adapt the program. It does not require fancy equipment as I designed it to be effective with the bare minimums. Thanks for your interest! Best! Hugo

  2. Manipulating fats and complex carbs and keep protein intake the same I understand when getting lean. But what about eating huge portions of vegetables e.g lettuce & green beans with my meals 3 4 times a day. My vegetable portions are huge, say 4 cups full. Is the carbs portion of your meal only the complex carbs i.e the yams etc a small fist size? Should that size be the same for the vegetables?
    Thank you in advance for any information.

    • no:@

  3. please, tell me how can I be muscular without using any materials i.e dumbbells etc.

  4. Hi Hugo,
    I purchased your book "Body Sculpting Bible". My pastor and I are starting on the beginning 14 day break in program Jan. 3rd. I've read the book, loved it and looked at the dvd. My question is what do we do after we progress through the 6 week program. Do we start over or keep adding weight or go to giant sets or what. I couldn't find anything past that. We plan on going for a year or more. Please help.
    Tom Bell, Montrose, CO

  5. I looking for some ab exercises that can be done standing in queue or sitting in a chair at the office

  6. hi hugo, howz going? i m sunny 4m australia nd my question is this i m diabetic but i love to do workout, i m 95 kg with 20% fat , today jus searching on youtube i got ur video nd very imress with that. so cn u suggest me how cn i b built my body like u even half like u. plz i want to be big like a monster,so plz help me to send training scheduled nd knowledge about supplements too. thanx

  7. hello hugo, and i am from usa seattle. iwant to build muscles,chest,biceps,and triceps so can u tell me what should i do.

    i work out every day at gym so this is what i do each day i do chest, duumbells thats it then next day i do abs,back,triceps,pull ups, and some other muchines. so this is my daily routines so i want to ask u is this good or i should change some thing so can u please give me some kind of advice to gain muscle and become you. And can u give some tips about how to get taller and about my workout.
    waiting for your reply.

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