Natural Bodybuilding Supplement FAQ: Do Fish Oils Cause Prostate Cancer?

Today I want to share with you a natural bodybuilding question that I have been getting lately. The question is: Do fish oils cause prostate cancer?

Do Fish Oils Cause Prostate Cancer?

Is there really a correlation between fish oils and prostate cancer? Some study claims so. However, the key thing to understand is that this is an epidimeological study. This is a correlational stufy…it looks at things that people eat and gathers a whole bunch of data and tries to make a correlation. So this is not a biological study that took a whole bunch of prostate cells and studied the effects of fish oil supplementation.

While I am not stating that this study is invalid, I just want to make it clear that the results are based on statistical data gathering as opposed to a biological in vitro or in vivo study.

Based on the fact that there is a huge amount of evidence pointing to the safety and efficacy of fish oils, we have to be careful with making a decision to drop the fish oils out from our diet. Especially considering the fact that there is tons of scientific evidence pointing to the positive effects of fish oils in regards to insulin sensitivity, brain function, joint function, fat burning, hormonal production, etc.

Also keep in mind that every single food you consume (and supplement) probably has a study out there that may link it to some sort of disease. Heck, you can even link breathing air to cancer but I don’t think any of us will stop to breathe any time soon. Thus, always weigh out the various studies and the benefit that a food or supplement will offer you. If the positive outweighs the negatives keep it in your diet. When it comes to fish oils I certainly feel that the benefits completely outweigh the results of this one statistical correlational study.

Take care and train hard!

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  1. Nice information i like this site it has full of information .i will share this to my friends .I want more of this thanks for sharing this

  2. Whatever the case is with fish oil, I would recommend krill oil (as a source of EPA and DHA) over fish oil,for the following reasons:

    1) The Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) in krill oil are in the phospholipid form, which is identical to what’s found in your body and your brain.
    But the Omega 3s in fish oil are found in the triglyceride form,which is harder for your body to digest. That’s why you often experience the burping and fishy taste after taking fish oil; something that does not occur with krill oil.
    2) Krill oil is much higher in antioxidants than fish oil is, due to the astaxanthin ( a powerful cartonoid antioxidant) in the krill oil. This helps prevent the oxidation of the Omega 3s, which are otherwise highly prone to oxidation. Fish oil doesn’t have this level of antioxidant protection; which is why you should always take Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols) with fish oil.
    3) Krill is much lower on the food chain than is fish, thus making krill oil much lower in pollutants than is fish oil. Krill also comes from the arctic region, where the waters are less polluted.

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