Natural Bodybuilding FAQ on The “Anabolic Amplifier” Program

Natural Bodybuilding FAQ on The “Anabolic Amplifier” Program

Since a lot of you have been really interested by the email that I recently sent talking about bulking up without fat gain, and have asked me about the “Anabolic Amplifier” program mentioned on the e-reports I shared with you, I decided to answer in this article all of the questions I have gotten regarding the Anabolic Amplifier Program. Thus, here I will summarize all of the questions I got as best as I can.



What Do You Think of the Program?

I think that this is a great program that shows you how 2 natural bodybuilding competitors and authors successfully implemented the principles of mini bulk/trim down cycles in order to gain tons of lean body mass in a short period of time.

The program is sound and comes with the exact training and diet plans that the authors used. One thing that I really like is the fact that they individualize the training programs based on the goals that you have.

There are three specific workout programs that you can follow based on the type of body you’d like to build:

a- The Fitness Model Physique Workout

b- The Muscle Model Physique Workout

c- The Hardcore Bodybuilder Physique Workout


The workouts are short and intense and will give your body new stimulus for growth.


They also individualize the diets based on the amount of body fat that you are carrying and your body type as well, something that I am a huge believer on!


Thus, you have different recommendations for:

a-Ectomorphs (The naturally skinny body type that needs to gain muscular bodyweight).

b-Endomorph (The naturally overweight body type that needs to lose bodyfat, while increasing muscle mass…the guy like me J).

c-Mesomorph (The more genetically blessed guy that gains muscle and loses body fat quickly! The lucky ones!).

The nutrition recommendations are exact and you will not exactly how many carbs, proteins and fats to consume based on your specific body weight. Like myself on the Body Re-Engineering program, recommendations are made for bodyweights ranging from 100lbs – 300lbs. Great useful stuff!


I Read About How This Program Can Make You Gain Up to 12lbs of Muscle In 21 Days…Sorry Man But Isn’t That Just Plain B.S.?

Muscle growth happens in two ways:

1-Muscle Volumization caused by increased water levels and glycogen levels inside the muscle fiber cell. This type of muscle growth happens quickly!

2-Muscle Fiber increase via increased protein content. This type of muscle growth happens much slower than the first one.

I read the text of the claims that Lee and Vince make and what they are really talking about is lean body mass. Keep in mind that lean body mass does not only consist of muscle fiber weight, but of the glycogen and water weight inside of that fiber as well. Because glycogen and water are important components of the muscle fiber, by increasing these two substances inside it dramatically your muscle cell will go up in size and so will your weight. Thus, when they talk about “up to 12-lbs” consider that to be the combined weight of the muscle fiber, the glycogen and the water inside the muscle as well. (Note: By the way, intra-cellular water retention is one of the ways in which creatine imparts its effects.)

At any rate, using mini cycles of bulk up/fat loss periods will maximize the muscle cell ability to super hydrate itself and that is why you will see the big fluctuations in fat free weight. Over time, your muscle fiber protein content will also increase, making for a permanently bigger muscle fiber (and one that can hold more glycogen and water inside it). This is especially true when you do a bodybuilding contest. After a contest, your body is in such an anabolic state once you start to eat that you can easily gain 10-15 lbs of fat free mass in a day! I remember that right after the USA’s I was up from 165-lbs to 180lbs in less than 48 hrs….and this was fat free weight brought upon by clean eating and a significant calorie raise!


Have You Used This Program Before?

As I stated in my Bulking Up article I have used my own version of the program. I can tell you however that this is a really good implementation as well and I will be using the routines laid out sometime in the near future when I decide to do mini bulk/trim down cycles.


Does The Body Get Used to This Program?

The body gets used to any program and that is the reason that we need to keep introducing variation in both the training and diet programs in order to keep progressing. And the more advanced one is, the more we need to vary the program. I recommend that you follow this type of program for 6 weeks and then change to another program such as Body Re-Engineering or MI-40.


Hugo, I’m a big fan. I have your Body Re-Engineering program, your Body Sculpting program and last month I also got MI-40. Got great results from all of these programs so thank you! How would you go about using all of these workouts throughout the year? How do you do it?

Great question and thanks for the feedback!

The key to continuous progress is periodization, which as you know is the orderly change of the training via strategic changes in the workout variables of sets, repetitions, rest in between sets, and exercises used that will produce the best gains in muscle mass and strength.

Through the use of periodization, not only you keep your body guessing (and thus changing), but you also maximize your training efforts by priming your body for muscle growth, then taxing the body to the point that it is on the brink of overtraining, and finally cutting back on the training volume in order to allow the body to recover and grow.

There are many ways of applying periodization. Body Re-Engineering (BRE), The 14-Day Body Sculpting Program (14-BSP), MI-40, and “The Anabolic Amplifier Program” are all forms of periodized programs that can be combined with great success!

Every year I change the way that I combine things but here is a good way to combine things:

I will start with the Anabolic Amplifier Program as that is what you are contemplating on using.

6 weeks – Anabolic Amplifier Program

1 week- Active Recovery Phase from BRE

3 weeks Loading Phase from BRE

3 weeks Growth Phase from BRE

1 week- Active Recovery Phase from BRE

6 weeks 14-BSP

1 week- Active Recovery Phase from BRE

40 days of MI-40

1 week- Active Recovery Phase from BRE


When you repeat the strategy you can use a different set of BRE workouts and 14-BSP workouts in order to introduce more variety into the program.

Following the strategy above gives you almost a year worth of workouts!


Will This Program Work for Women?

Absolutely. This program works as well on women as it does for men.

I hope that this answers most of your questions. If you are interested in this program you can check it out here

=> Anabolic Amplifier Program: 21 Day Fast Mass Muscle Building



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