Many Talk But Who Walks?

Do you feel like achieving your weight loss or fitness goals are impossible? If so I would like you to read this article below as I am 100% confident that it will change the outlook of your current situation!

Many Talk But Who Walks?

He is at the 30, 20, 10, touchdown Appalachian State! The mountaineers have done the impossible and have defeated the #5 team in college football. These were the words and thoughts of many on September 1, 2007 as they witnessed what was and still is considered to be the biggest upset in the history of college football.

Anybody who is an advocate of sports or has the slightest bit of common sense would have never predicted that a division 2A school would have been able to pull this unprecedented victory off EXCEPT for the team and coaching staff of Appalachian State.

So how does this relate to fitness and achieving your results? The fact is that if you were to go up to any player or coach on Appalachian State before the game, they would have told you with total confidence they would win the game. Even the bookies in Las Vegas and sports betting fans did not give them a chance but they proved it to the world by not only talking the talk, but walking the walk!

Likewise, there are many people who will doubt your abilities to achieve any of your goals such as losing x amount of pounds or building x pounds of lean muscle. But when you realize that you can control your own destiny by following a few basic principles, you are destined to do what many consider to be the impossible and get the results you desire.

The problem many people have is they talk a mean game but at the end of the day, they really do not believe that it is possible or doubt themselves which leads to their destruction. The best way to avoid this is to change a few things.

With that being said, here are 5 things you can do to walk the walk!

1. Think of Your End Goal and Hold On to That Thought

What I mean by this is to think of what it is you are trying to do such as losing ten pounds. Once you have established that thought, DO NOT erase it or let anyone tell you that it is impossible to achieve that thought. Think of your thought as concrete once it has hardened. You can walk all over it but it will not break. This is the way you need to be when holding on to the thought of achieving your end goal.

2. Immerse Yourself in the Culture

Simply surround yourself around things that will get you closer to your goal such as reading a new fitness or weight loss article. Even go as far as hanging posters on your wall of the model body you want. Whether it is a strong muscular physique or a toned beach body, make sure to do this important step.

What you are doing with this is immersing yourself around the culture of your end goal. It will serve as a constant reminder of what it is that you are trying to do and eliminate any thoughts that may sway you into thinking it is not possible.

3. Forget About Failures of The Past

Regardless of how you may currently feel, think of today as a new beginning. Forget about your past failures and realize that they can serve as a lesson for achieving your end goal. These lessons can be looked at as things NOT to do when you travel along your new path of success.

Going back to holding on to that thought of what you want, thinking positive goes hand in hand with this as the energy you feel within you will release a sense of self-empowerment. And anyone who has achieved their set goals knows that feeling like you are in power of the outcome is important!

4. Energy + Motions = Emotions

Always remember that your emotions play a key role in determining whether or not you will achieve your set goals. When you allow your energy to move in the wrong direction or allow the thoughts and actions of others to determine your very own thoughts, it is then that you self-destruct and become your own worst enemy.

With positive thinking and surrounding yourself around the right people, you will allow your energy to move in the right direction and you will be one step closer to your end goal.

What I like to do when I feel that I am not in power or control of my very own emotions is to think of a simple analogy. That analogy is that you can take a room filled with complete darkness and with the strike of a match, the room is instantly filled with light, truth and wisdom. But you cannot do the opposite! You cannot take a room full of light, truth and wisdom and make it pitch black.

5. Write Down The Things That Make You Happy

To help prevent negative thoughts from entering in your mind, it is a great idea to write down the things that bring joy and happiness to your life. For instance, for some it may be writing about your pet dog which may bring happiness to your life. For others it may be a son, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, occupation or the fact that you lost 3 pounds.

Regardless of what the things that bring happiness to your life may be, write them all down on a daily basis if needed until you have mastered your emotions.

Conclusion: Once you have reached the point of mastering your emotions with a combination of all the things mentioned in this article, you will be untouchable! There will not be a single person that will cause you to think that you are not in control of your own destiny!

Yours In Health,

Anthony Alayon


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