Keith Klein’s and Lee Labrada’s Get Lean Book Review

Since I have been getting a lot of questions on what is a good book that focuses JUST on getting ready (or just looking like you are ready) for a bodybuilding, figure, or bikini contest, I decided to write a review of Keith Klein’s and Lee Labrada’s Get Lean Book.

Keith Klein’s and Lee Labrada’s Get Lean Book

Get Lean BookKeith Klein’s and Lee Labrada’s Get Lean Book consists of 190 pages comprised of 18 chapters and an appendix containing weekly training and nutrition journals. Keep in mind that while the book is geared to male and female competitors, the information can be used by those who simply want to look lean enough to compete.

The following are subjects that you can expect to fully understand after reading this book:

1-Benefits of Contest Prep Bodybuilding Dieting and Training
The book starts covering the topic of the benefits brought upon by getting lean enough for competition; whether formal competition, as in stepping on a bodybuilding or figure stage, or simply competing against yourself. This chapter also covers common mistakes made when bodybuilders attempt to get lean, such as overtraining and drastically cutting calories.

2-Nutrition Basics, Weight Training and Recovery
Chapters 2 and 3 go on to fully cover nutrition basics, such as the role of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as well as calories, metabolism, water, sodium, and the importance of fiber. By the time you finish these two chapters you will have a much more thorough understanding of nutrition than even some certified fitness professionals (as unfortunately, many certified trainers that I’ve met lack understanding of this subject).

3-How To Set Up A Weight Training Routine, Cardiovascular Exercise, and Rest
Chapter 4 talks about how to set up a weight training routine, providing clear guidelines on how to properly set up a program that will help you gain muscle as fat is lost.Chapter 5 covers the important subjects of cardiovascular exercise, covering what are the best forms, best times to do it, intensity and quantity. This chapter also discusses the important subject of rest and recovery.

4-Unique Women Related Topics, Effects of Drugs On Body Composition, and Vitamin Deficiencies
Chapter 6 covers topics that I’ve personally never seen covered in other books such as the possible changes to women’s menstrual cycle, the effects of using birth control pills on body composition, and the effect of other drugs (including recreational ones) that may prevent fat loss. Of course, the advice presented is to discuss these issues with the Medical Doctor to look for possible solutions/alternatives and to stay off from recreational drugs. This chapter also talks about which vitamin deficiencies we have to protect ourselves from.

5-Following The Program On The Road And Psychology Of Dieting
Chapter 7 talks about following the program while on the road providing very clear advice on what to order at restaurants. Most importantly, this chapter covers the psychology of dieting. This information is key as everyone that goes on a pre-contest preparation diet will encounter one, if not all, of the following issues:

  • Seeing yourself in the mirror all the time and thinking that there is no change,
  • Intense cravings.
  • High risk situations that can entice you to cheat on your diet.
  • What to do if you succumb to temptation and do cheat.
  • Feeling small and thinking about tossing the diet as a result.
  • Lacking confidence on stage.

Personally, I think that a pre-contest preparation is a much more mental endeavor than a physical one. As a result, knowing the psychological obstacles that you will encounter during a contest preparation and how to deal with them will significantly increase your chances for success and prevent you from having to learn about them the hard way. This is invaluable advice as most of us learn the psychological aspect of getting ready for a contest and dealing with these sort of situations only by going through them. Once you know what obstacles you can expect to encounter in your journey and how to face them, then contest dieting becomes a much easier endeavor.

6-Bodybuilding/Figure Contest Related Topics and Progress Tracking
Chapters 8, 9 and 10 very extensively cover the subject of bodybuilding/figure competition so after reading these, you will know everything from tanning, posing, and skin color to what to do week by week in order to get contest ready. Progress tracking and how to use calipers is also covered.I specially loved the simplicity of their carb depletion and loading method on the last week prior to the show and the clever and super safe method presented to lose excess water. As a matter of fact, with this strategy, there is no need to use any sort of water pills.

7-Sample Diets and Nutrition Almanac
Chapters 11 and 12 provide sample diets for all caloric levels and nutritional information for all the foods recommended so that you can make substitutions accordingly.

8-Diet Troubleshooting and Habits of Successful Bodybuilders
Chapters 13 and 14 talk about troubleshooting the program and a list of habits that will help you to assure success.

9-Preventing Binge Eating After A Contest and Dieting as a Lifestyle
Chap 15 is about how to deal with what a lot of bodybuilders encounter which is that after the show they start bingeing and cannot go back to a clean diet. This chapter written by Keith Klein explores in detail this behavior and provides specific steps on how to prevent it.

10-Glycemic Index and Useful Bodybuilding Supplements
Chapter 16 covers the subject of the Glycemic Index (GI) and provides a GI chart for all the foods on the diet. Finally chapters 17 and 18 talk about how meal replacement meals can be a useful addition to the program, as well as supplements like creatine.


The book retails for $29.95 in and considering the fact that hiring a bodybuilding coach to obtain the highly technical information presented in the book alone costs a minimum of $600, purchasing this book at a tenth of that cost is a really good deal.

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Bottom Line on the Book

Because of the comprehensive nature of this book, the unique topics covered (most importantly that of the psychology of dieting), the sound expert and safe advice behind it, and its emphasis on long term results and health, I must give it my full recommendation.

I really think that this system will help a lot of confused bodybuilders get started on the right track when it comes to their pre-contest diet and training program, as well as empower those who may not have the finances to hire a bodybuilding coach to get access to the information they need in order to compete successfully.

And if you are not a competitor and are just looking for a system to help you get in top shape without fad diets, starvation, excessive supplementation and overtraining, then this system may be just what you are looking for.


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