Is It Okay to Have A Cheat Meal While Trying to Lose Weight?

Who says that you have to eat the same thing over and over again or cannot break your diet for a meal while trying to lose weight?

That is right, you can have a cheat meal once a week and still get the weight loss results that you deserve. You may be wondering how and think that this goes against the traditional mindset that the media or experts have told you, but I do it all the time and still stay in great shape.

However, if you are serious about achieving your fat loss goals, cheating should only be an option once a week. Otherwise, you are putting yourself in danger of not getting the results you deserve.

When cheating, I recommend picking one day out of the week to eat whatever you want for one meal within reason. Remember: This is only for one meal and not the entire day. It is also not an all you can eat stuffing session. So for example, a slice of pizza with a regular soda and then a serving of ice cream is a good cheat meal. Notice I did not say 20 slices, chased down with a gallon of soda and ice cream.

I like to eat my cheat meal earlier in the day so all of the food does not sit in me for a long period of time. At night time, most people are sedentary and not burning calories. Now that you have some general guidelines, I will give you some rules to follow for the day you decide to cheat.

Rules to a Cheat Meal:

1. Drink around 12 ounces of water before you start eating. This prohibits you from splurging as it will suppress your appetite a bit and will help you immensely from overeating.

2. Make sure you have at least 3 hours before you go to bed when cheating as the food will not sit in your stomach for such a long period of time.

3. Never eat 2 cheat meals in one week.

So now that you know why eating a cheat meal is not bad for you, simply follow the guidelines prescribed above and you should be just fine and still attack ugly stomach fat.



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