Is it Important to Have a Training Journal to Achieve Natural Bodybuilding Success?

Keeping a training journal is a great tool for achieving your natural bodybuilding goals! Recording your bodybuilding routines is great not only for accountability, planning, and motivation, but it also helps you to see where you are and where you have been.

Imagine if you follow a program, get in the best shape of your life, and then you don’t remember how you got there. Could you imagine how you would feel if for whatever reason you lose your shape and then do not know how to get back to it? In addition, a training log allows you to easily see where your progress is going. Are you gaining strength? Are you losing body fat? All of these items can be easily looked at when you keep a training log.

Finally, a log allows you to troubleshoot the program if your progress is not moving forward. If for example, say that you keep detailed accounts of your workouts and bodybuilding diet plan. You see that you are losing strength and by looking at your training log you notice that you have been consistently missing a couple of workouts each week. Thus, immediately you know you know what the fix to the problem is.

Because of really believe in the value of a log this past year I took my personal logs and made a book out of it. In addition, since I did not believe that there was any value to just empty pages, I added some information on goal setting as well as 4 great workouts that you can use to get going!

Thus, you can check out my favorite training journal below:

The Weight Training Diary

Excellent way to keep track of your daily workouts. In this diary you have the tools you need to keep your training workout on track and to help you plan your regimen and measure your progress effectively. You’ll find lots of space to log all of the key elements of your training and make the most of every workout. In addition, if you need new training routines as well, this log book brings plenty of those as well regardless of your training level.

The Log Book includes my Five Directives for good training and four 12-week workout plans that have everything spelled out for you with no guesswork.
There are workouts for weight-training beginners, veterans, and those aiming for a celebrity-style body, as well as a 30-minute plan for people with busy work and/or parenting schedules.

The log book includes space to log the date, days since last workout, time and length of workout, and cycle, cardio exercises (time, distance/intensity, heart rate), and strength exercises (muscle group, weights and reps, types of sets).

The book features a helpful spiral binding that lies flat and stays open, plus a durable, glossy cover- just what a book needs to survive a gym. The ideal addition to your gym bag, The Weight Training Diary helps you achieve results by taking the guesswork out of your workout regimen and allowing you to focus on ways to identify, track and achieve your bodybuilding and fitness goals.

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