How to Become a Better Student Through Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding has helped me through various aspects of my life. One area that bodybuilding has affected help change my life forever. I have always done pretty well in school, but I never did anything that was extraordinary. I simply did what was required to get by and never went out of my way as I never felt there was a need to so. However, after my first bodybuilding show, I possessed the 3-D’s that has helped bring my education to a higher level. After completing three months of strict dieting and intense training, I literally felt that I could accomplish anything. From the day after my show to where I currently stand, I have carried over the discipline I received from bodybuilding and applied it to my studies. The 3-D’s has helped me go from the average student to making all A’s with an occasional B every once in awhile. Now that you have heard what the 3-D’s have done for me, I will give you some basic rules that can be applied to ensure better results in the class room.

Rule #1: Set your priorities straight.
Unless you have prepared accordingly for a quiz or an exam, DO NOT GO OUT! College is an exciting time, but also an important time. Many college students have a great time going to clubs and parties, but they do not seem to realize how important it is to do well in college. The decisions you make for the four years you are in college will determine the rest of your life.

Rule #2: Do not procrastinate.
Many teenagers or college students have a tendency to procrastinate. Unless you have a photographic memory or thrive under pressure, this is not the way to get things done. I have seen many smart individuals do poorly in school due to their lack of time management and procrastination.

Rule #3: Get It Done.
Some other advice I can give students is to do your homework as soon as you receive an assignment. If you get an assigned paper that is due four weeks from the date you received it, do not wait. One of my close friends has a phrase that he often says when we are training. That saying is “Let’s Get It Done!” Besides, once you have finished your assignments in advance, you have the comfort of knowing you have more time to concentrate on training.

What I like to do is plan out my day so I know when and where I will be training. I like to set priorities for every day of the week. I like to categorize my priorities into two categories.

Priority #1: Accomplishing things that must get done such as school work and working.
Anything that is school related such as studying for a test, finishing a paper, or finishing a reading assignment has to be first on the list to be a successful college student. Along with these things, going to work and making money to pay bills and live is also a number one priority.

Priority #2: Training (Just as important as priority #1, but the timing is important).
This does not mean that training is not important, but it simply means that you have to know when and where to train when dealing with a busy schedule.

After the first two priorities have been accomplished, then you can do things that many college students enjoy doing for fun such as watch TV, playing video games and anything else that may be of interest to you or that you enjoy doing in you spare time.

Cell Phones as a Means of Planning Your Day
I plan out how many hours must be devoted to attending class and doing homework. I then look at my work schedule and write that on my calendar. A great and efficient way to do this is to use cell phones. Everybody in the 21st Century has a cell phone and it is a great way to plan and remind yourself of important events or things you have to do. After I have figured out how I am going to accomplish my school priorities, I then figure out how I will fit training into my schedule. If you noticed I have put a lot of things before training, but this does not mean that it is not important. Many people have made the mistake of putting bodybuilding as their #1 priority. Training is important, but it comes second to school work and studies.

Now that you understand how to plan you’re your week out, simply plan a time for the gym. For some this can be easy as their schedules allow them to go to the gym every day at a set time. For others, their schedules may be too hectic. They must go at different times of the day whenever they are able to squeeze some free time into their busy days. Their schedules are never the same day in and day out (I fall under this category).

3 Ways to Manage Your Time Wisely

1) I like to go to the gym first thing in the morning as your body’s testosterone levels are naturally elevated from a good nights sleep. Many people (college students in particular) do not get the proper sleep their bodies require and they are too lazy to get out of bed and head to the gym in the morning. This may mean waking up as early as 5 or 6 a.m., but this is when you must ask yourself if you are serious about achieving your set goals. (If you listen and take the initiative to wake up early, you will be golden. If not, well then you may as well bend over and grab your ankles).

2) If you have gaps in between classes, this is a perfect time to hit the gym. You can alleviate any stress that could have been bestowed upon you from school. I can remember my first semester in college when I would train in between the gaps that were in my schedule. This proved to be a great way to fit training in to my busy schedule. I like to refer to this idea as killing two birds with one stone.

3) If for whatever reason, you cannot fit training into the above two ways, then attempt to go to the gym at night once you get off of work or school. I do have some friends that go to school full-time, as well as work. My advice to them is to utilize the weekends to fit training in to their schedules as they do not have to worry about going to class.

The 3-D’s for Success
In order for someone to be able to accomplish anything in life including their fitness goals, they must possess the 3 D’s. Those 3 D’s are discipline, dedication, and determination.

Anybody who has ever achieved difficult things such as getting a college degree or achieving their fitness goals knows that it requires a lot of discipline. The way we look at things is you have to go into a different state of mind, and as we like to phrase it, you need to “turn on the light switch.” This means that you must be willing to sacrifice many things that you normally would not do such as staying home and not going out so can wake up early to exercise and get the proper amount of rest. In a world full of fast food restaurants and junk food, it is rare to see some one who can diet and stay focused on their set goals.

It requires an abundance of dedication to be successful and stick to your diet and fitness routines. After hanging around the gym and speaking to people who have dieted moderately or say they watch what they eat for the most are people who get results and they do accomplish some of their fitness endeavors, but it is so easy for them to slip up and go right back to where they were before they started. On the other hand, we have seen those individuals who have dieted and stayed committed to their set goals and it makes all the difference in the world. They look absolutely amazing and have all the self-confidence in the world.

Last, but not least, is determination. We truly believe that if you want to get into the best shape of your life, there is no other option other than to give it a 110% effort and be determined that you are going to accomplish your set goals. If you cannot follow the 3 D’s, then half the battle is lost as you have already defeated yourself mentally. You cannot eat your cake and have it too. Always remember these three things and your set goals should be fantastic.



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