Home Chest & Back Dumbbell Workout Routine (10 sets of 10 Reps)

In this natural bodybuilding video blog you will learn how to do a Home Chest & Back Dumbbell Workout Routine (10 sets of 10 Reps) designed for building as much muscle as possible.

Home Chest & Back Dumbbell Workout Routine (10 sets of 10 Reps)

The 10 sets of 10 reps bodybuilding workout has been used in bodybuilding circles for years in order to break through plateaus and make weight gains in the form of lean muscle mass.

Many people have claimed to its invention, but regardless of who came up with it, it has been used with great success by awesome bodybuilders from the past such as Vince Gironda, as well as Dave Draper and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Today, many athletes on the know still use this method and even elite strength coaches, such as Charles Poliquin, are great advocates of it and use it on their Olympic athletes when they are in need of gaining muscle weight quickly. I’ve used this method myself without fail since early on my bodybuilding career. It never ceases to yield great results. As a matter of fact, early on when I was less informed, I thought that I had invented it. That was until I found out that this bodybulding workout has been around since the early 60s!

The 10 sets of 10 reps bodybuilding workout has proven time and time again to be fantastic at increasing muscle mass through the systematic fatigue of the muscle fibers being worked on. In order to implement a 10×10 routine, a mass building exercise is chosen and a weight that you can perform for 15 reps or so is selected. However, you will stop your set once you achieve 10 reps. Your rest in between sets should be limited to a minute and you need to refrain yourself from resting more as you start fatiguing since increasing the rest time would defeat the purpose of the routine, which is to cause systematic fatigue on a specific muscle. The goal of this bodybuilding workout routine is to use the same weight for all ten sets and to be able to perform all sets for 10 reps in good form. You will notice that as fatigue sets in, the sets become more and more challenging. You may not be able to perform all sets for 10 reps. If that is the case, then start lowering the weight once you do a set where less than 10 reps are performed. Once you can do all 10 sets for 10 reps, then it is time for you to go up in weight.

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For todays routine we will do:

Home Chest & Back Dumbbell Workout Routine (10 sets of 10 Reps)
Incline Dumbbell Press 10 sets of 10 reps (no rest)
One Arm Dumbbell Rows 10 sets of 10 reps (60 sec rest)

Wide Grip Pull-ups to Front 2 sets of 15-20 reps (no rest)
Push-Ups 2 sets of 15-20 reps (60 sec rest)

The whole routiine takes around 45 minutes.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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  1. great workout I got a good pump in my lats and chest from it

    • Happy to hear that! Keep up the great work.

  2. range of motion on pullups and pushups was weaksauce

    • Hi Hugo,
      I liked this workout and recently came across this information. I believe that the range of motion on the last two exercises is due to the muscle failure that is being reached, although I would add that the form is excellent.

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and congratulations on your achievements. My girlfriend and I will try this next Friday, so I’ll keep you posted.

      Muchas gracias desde Mexico,
      Alex R. Kanman

      • Hi Alex!

        Thanks for the comments!

        Let me know how the workout goes for you and your girlfriend.

        Te deseo lo mejor!

        • Hi Hugo,

          it’s been a great help, although I believe I must add a bit of weight. But the pump is great. My girlfriend has been doing great with it; we’ll start switching the routine over to avoid plateau. Thanks again for your awesome workouts and info.

          Best regards,

          • Thanks for the updates Alex and you are welcome!


      • Gracias por el comentario! How’s your girlfriend doing with the workout?


  3. Very good work out….just not sure how many weeks should this be followed to obtain optimal results – before switching the routine to something different for back and chest?

  4. dude..u r awesome..keep up the great work..ive been following your workout routines for many years to great effect..thanks

  5. Hi ,

    You said on facebook that you will come up with 7 mins home dumb bell routine for back.I do not see it still.

    Pls let me know if you have made it.


    • Hi Nikhil. I’m sorry my friend. Not done yet unfortunately due to lack of time. Will see if I can get it done this week. Best! HR

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