Good vs Bad Muscle Soreness

Many of you who have embarked on a bodybuilding program recently have emailed me about your muscle soreness and whether that is normal or not.Muscle soreness is a normal part of the recovery process that begins once you finish your bodybuilding workouts. Muscle soreness is more pronounced at the beginning of your bodybuilding journey since your muscles are not used at all to lifting weights. That is the reason why it is of utmost importance that you use the right beginning bodybuilding routine. By doing so, you avoid getting injured or excessively sore.

There are various types of soreness that you need to be aware of. The key thing is to be able to distinguish between good muscle soreness, which is the one that indicates you had a good workout, and injury type soreness. For learning how to differentiate between soreness types, please take a look at my Types of Muscle Soreness article, where not only will you learn about the different types of muscle soreness, but also how to minimize them.



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