Double Your Natural Bodybuilding Results From Just 1 Set

As promised yesterday here is another great article from
my friend and mad scientist Nick Nilsson. Got great feedback
from many of you who went ahead and started to implement
Nick’s crazy non stop technique for incinerating fat! Today,
I want to share with you a technique that Nick has which
is great not only for fat burning but for muscle building as
well! This technique will make you get way more results
in just 1 set!


While normal sets only work a select type and number
of muscle fibers, Nick’s Triple Add Set technique can
work EVERY muscle fiber you’ve got in a SINGLE SET!

Triple Add Sets – A Revolutionary Intensity Technique That
Will Work ALL Your Muscle Fibers In One Set!
By Nick Nilsson


Looking for a new challenge in your workouts? The Triple Add
Set is just what you need. It is very a tough intensity
technique, but it is extremely effective. The Triple Add
Set will strongly work all three of the major muscle fiber
types (I, IIa, and IIb) in one extended set, pushing the very
limits of your body’s strength and endurance. If this sounds
good to you, you’re going to love this technique!


To fully understand the effectiveness of the Triple Add Set,
let’s take a look at the muscle fiber types and why it’s such
a good thing to work all three of the major types at once.


– Type I muscle fibers are endurance-oriented muscle fibers.
They primarily work in higher rep ranges and during aerobic


– Type IIa muscle fibers work when the weight used is
moderate-to-heavy. This fiber type is most active in
moderate rep range weight training (e.g. 5 to 10 reps per


– Type IIb muscle fibers are the explosive muscle fibers.
They are called upon when the weight is very heavy and
great power or explosiveness is needed.


When you lift a weight, your body recruits a certain number
of muscle fibers to get the job done. It recruits a certain
percentage of each type of fiber, depending on how heavy the
load is. For instance, the lighter the load, the more Type I
fibers will be called upon. The heavier the load, the more
Type IIa fibers will be called upon. With very heavy loads,
Type IIb fibers will be the most heavily recruited.


With regular training, your body learns to become more
efficient with this recruitment and tries to get away with
firing as few fibers as possible to get the job done. It’s
the body’s natural tendency to conserve energy.


Unfortunately, this also leaves many muscle fibers underworked
and not developed to their full potential. We need to find a
way to force your body to recruit every available fiber to
maximally work the muscle and develop it to it’s full
potential. That’s where the Triple Add Set comes in.


If you’re familiar with Triple Drop Sets (where you start
with a heavy weight for the first part, then drop to a lighter
weight for more reps then drop to a somewhat lighter weight
for more reps to finish with) then you’re familiar with the
basic idea of this style of training.


However, here’s the switch: instead of starting with a heavy
weight and working down, we’re going to start with a light
weight and work our way up!


[Note from Hugo: Told you Nick is insane…LOL…that’s the sort of
people I hang with…LOL]


The Triple Add Set technique will first exhaust your Type I
muscle fibers with light weights and high reps.


Then it will work on the Type IIa muscle fibers by moving to
heavier weights and moderate reps. Since Type I fibers are
still being activated at this point, even though the weights
are heavier, your body will recruit more and more of those
Type I fibers as you keep going.


On the third and final part of the set, very heavy weights
will be used. Your Type IIb fibers will now be preferentially
activated. But now, because the load is extremely demanding,
your Type I fibers and even more of your Type IIa fibers are
being recruited to help.


By the time you’re done with the Triple Add Set, you’ve
recruited almost every available muscle fiber in the target
muscle. Then we do one or two more sets just to be sure
they’re completely worked!


How To Do It:


– Start with a light weight and do a high-rep set, e.g. 20
to 30 reps. Your muscles will be burning. This will hit
the Type I endurance muscle fibers and fill the target
muscles with blood.


– Rest 10 seconds to flush out enough of the waste products
that have accumulated in your muscles for you to keep going.
This is basically the time it takes to switch weights on
the machine or grab a new set of dumbells, take a few deep
breaths and jump back in.


– Next, you’ll move on to a somewhat heavier weight and aim
for about 6 to 8 reps. This will hit the Type IIa muscle
fibers (the moderate-to-heavy oriented fibers).


– Take 10 seconds rest again.


– After that, you will do your last set with a heavy weight,
going for only 1 to 3 reps. This will work on strength
and connective tissue while focusing on the Type IIb muscle
fibers (the very heavy and explosive fibers).


– Your muscles will feel incredibly hard and pumped up. The
effect of this type of training is immediately noticeable
and very powerful.


It will take a little practice to figure out what weights
you’ll be using. It will really depend on how well your body
deals with lactic acid build-up. This is a training stimulus
your body will most likely NEVER have experienced before.


The first part of the set should use a very light weight. Go
for strict form and go for the burn. The first time through
you should get at least 20 to 30 reps.


On the second Add Set, your reps will go down significantly
as the waste products of the first set will not have been
completely cleared.


The second Add Set should use about double what you used on
the first set, e.g. start with 25 pound dumbells then do
50 pound dumbells (this increase will vary a lot depending
on the exercise – experiment with the weights you use to find
out what works for you).


The third and final part of the set is the hardest. Since
you’ve already worked hard on the previous two parts, you
will be using a weight that is lighter than what you’d
normally use for this rep range in regular sets. When you do
the third part, you will feel an extremely strong and deep
burning in the muscles. You are tapping muscle fibers that
have rarely been worked! The first two Add Sets worked the
majority of your muscle fibers – every fiber you’ve got now
has to kick in and fire to move the weight in the third Add Set!


It’s extremely hard and extremely effective. You’ll either
love it or dread it but it works!


These are Triple Add Sets. Pick an exercise and give this
technique a try the next chance you get. You will be amazed
at the incredible burning and pump that results from this
unique training stimulus!


The Triple Add Set is only one of the many innovative
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Nick Nilsson is Vice-President of the online personal training
company BetterU, Inc. He has a degree in Physical Education
and Psychology and has been inventing new training techniques
for more than 20 years. Nick is the author of a number of
bodybuilding eBooks including “Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss,”
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Back to Nick’s insane triple add technique, try it out and let me
know what kind of pump you get with it!


Count on me sending more insanity straight out of the Nilsson
mad scientist lab. (For once is not me coming out with crazy
stuff! LOL).


Take care and train hard!.

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