Don’t Stop Natural Bodybuilding During School Season!

When school season start, alot of bodybuilders mistakenly drop their bodybuilding programs in order to focus on school. While on the surface it may seem that putting your bodybuilding program on the back burner during the school year may be a great idea in order to save time and focus more on your studies, you may want to re-think that strategy.

First, natural bodybuilding training increases blood flow to all areas of the body, including the brain. Good oxygen flow to the brain is crucial for memory, a much needed item to be successful in school.

Second, the right bodybuilding training and diet will enhance your energy levels, thus allowing you to focus even more during your classes. I can tell you this from experience as during my engineering school days I would get my training done either in the morning or early afternoon (depending of the timing of my classes) and I always felt energized and with laser focus after my training sessions.

Third, the right program will help you to control stress, which in turn will help you to learn better.

And of course, needless to say, continuing with your bodybuilding program will avoid the common weight gain that many students experience when classes start.

Here are a few bodybuilding resources that you may find useful for going back to school:

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  1. I’m a pre-med student and I am very busy all of the time. I found that lifting weights is the best way to get rid of all of the extra stress. It is much easier to focus and I have more energy than most of my classmates. Also, I have to eat right in order to not get sick while I am active all day. I found that if I don’t work out I tend to stick to sugar and caffeine to keep up my energy.

    • Great post Kirk! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your studies!

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