Challenge Yourself With This Insane Natural Bodybuilding Workout

Sometimes, the best natural bodybuilding workout is the one that breaks all the rules. As someone who has been practicing the bodybuilding lifestyle now for 20 years, I have learned that it is ok to break the bodybuilding training rules from time to time, and that doing so, will result in a shock to the body that will deliver more gains.

The last time I broke the natural bodybuilding training rules was just recently. The day before I had a rest day where I just did just cardiovascular exercise. The day of my birthday I was just scheduled to do Back and Chest. However, my ambitious training partner Valentin, who happens to be 15 years younger than me (he is 20 years old), challenged me to a marathon session full body workout. Even though doing so would mean that I would be breaking several natural bodybuilding training rules, starting with the one of keeping the workouts short and the fact that advanced bodybuilders do better with split routines, I decided to give it a shot.

So we took our creatine, glutamine, branched chain amino acids, nitric oxide boosters and some HumanoGrowth as well prior to starting.

So without further delay, here is the challenging natural bodybuilding workout that we used to push ourselves to the limits:

Challenging Natural Bodybuilding Workout

Rest between sets: 1 minute

Close Reverse Grip Chin-ups 4 sets x 12-15 repetitions
Chest Dips 4×20
Wide Grip Pullup to Front 4×12-15
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 4×12-15

Superset: Alternate DB Curls/Lateral Raises 4×10-12

Lying DB Triceps Extensions (Superset of Reverse Grip and Neutral Grip) 3×10-12/8-10
Concentration Curls 3×10-12
Triceps Pushdowns 4×12-15 (Last set triple drop set)

Giant-Set: Twisting Crunches/Crunches/Lying Leg Raises/V-Ups/Knee-Ins 3×12-20 for each exercise

Squats 4×8-10
Leg Curls 5×10-12
Leg Extensions 4×10-12
Leg Press 4×12-15
Standing Calf Raises 5×15-20

Cardio: Stairstepper 20 min

Total Time = 2 hours of weight training + 20 minutes of cardio.

End Result

I am glad that I went for this because I had an enjoyable and great bodybuilding workout. It broke all the rules but it was nice to workout just for the love of it and feel each and every single muscle get pumped to the max.

It was also fun pushing my body to see in how good of a shape I was in and to see if I can still keep up with someone who is almost half my age (I’m 35).

The Day After

Surprisingly, I did not have as much muscle soreness as I thought I would have; a good sign as that means that I am in good shape.

The next day I just did some cardiovascular exercise (30 minutes) and abs in order to enhance recovery, and at the same time, get some rest from the weights. The day after my active rest day, I resumed my regular bodybuilding training split.


So when you feel like pushing your body, give this natural bodybuilding workout a try, push yourself to the limits and just lift for the love of it. I promise you that you will not regret it!



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