Celebrity Trainer Chris Fernandez Talks About Making Money in Personal Training, Part III

Continued from: Chris Fernandez Talks About Making Money in Personal Training, Part II

Hugo: I’ll tell one thing that I also love about your system: it’s very easy to read.

It’s written in the same style that I like to write, which is kind of like a 1,2,3 sort of thing. Everything is spelled out in a very simple manner. I can just open up a page and everything is enumerated and everything is bolded; I love that. I think that’s how people learn so much easier.

Celebrity Trainer Chris Fernandez

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Chris: Yeah, you’re right, and I tried to keep that in mind because I’m a long winded kind of guy, so someone reading through this is going to be like, “Man, this guy talks a lot.” So that’s kind of my style.

I’m so passionate about stuff that I can’t stop myself and I keep talking and talking.

So I said, “I’m going to reign myself in here”. So when I wrote System 5™, I did that. I did the bullet points, I did the takeaways at the end of the sections, all the things that people would need so that they wouldn’t have to just sit there for hours trying to understand what the heck I was saying. And then I created all the beautiful videos and the webinars and the audio. So whatever format someone learns best, I got it there in System 5™.

If you want to watch the webinars on the computer, you can do that. If you want to download them to your iPod or other portable device or laptop you can do that. If you want to take the DVD’s and pop them into your computer or your television, you could do that. If you want to read the book, you got the hard copy, you can do that. Any way that suits you – whether you are an audio/visual person, or a tactile person where you like to touch your book, it’s all there.

Hugo: Congratulations on this Chris; you’ve done an outstanding job with this system and I think that you will be able to help a lot of people.

Chris: I appreciate that. It’s been my passion and this is my purpose in life now – to help other trainers – once I realized that there was a starving crowd out there.

Before it was called System 5™ there was no name, I was just helping out my friends that were trainers and I’m telling them: “Hey, you’re crazy, why don’t you make more money? Here is what you need to do, here is how you get a website going, here is how you get traffic, here is how you make your own product and make money” – nobody teaches this stuff.

I thought to myself, “I need to put this down so that everyone can learn what I’m teaching my friends. I want to share this with the world, this shouldn’t be kept secret.”

Hugo: That’s awesome. That’s basically the same thought that lead me to become a fitness author.

I just realized that a lot of people out there were confused.

I knew about the 40-40-20 nutrition, and nobody was talking about it. I knew so many other training principles and I knew about supplementation and it seemed like everybody was confused and I was like: “I’ve got to put this on paper so that people can read it.”

So it becomes your passion and your sole purpose in life to go ahead and spread the word. So believe me, I can easily see your passion and the work and time you put into your project over here, so this is great.

I’ll tell you what; let me ask you this question because I could immediately just imagine some of my readers just dying to ask you this, so I’m going to ask the question for them.

Chris: All right.

Hugo: What sort of timeframe should a trainer set for themselves as a goal in order to start experiencing some success from System 5™?

Chris: Okay, that’s a very good question actually.

You and I both know as personal trainers telling our clients to do something and them following through is two totally different things, right?

So, with System 5™, I’m providing everything – all the tools that any personal trainer will ever need regardless of their specialty, their background, their experience, it doesn’t even matter if you just graduated from college and you’ve never been a trainer before.

I bet you do something or know something or have a certain way about you that is unique to you that could immediately differentiate you from anyone else on earth.

So for those of you that think: “Well, I don’t have enough experience to charge that much more or to raise my rates”, I say bull crap: You do and I’ll show you how in System 5™, I go through that in much greater detail.

With all that being said, the timeframe from how long it would take someone to see immediate results is as long as it takes you to read the book and to find within yourself what I’m asking you to do and that could be as little as few hours or it can take you months.

It just depends on you and I’m not going to lie about that, I’m not going to say this is some get rich quick scheme, because it isn’t. I’m not going to say that this is some overnight success system and this is five minutes to a better you, because there is a lot of work to be done.

Like when you walk into the gym and you try and transform your body, it doesn’t happen overnight, right? Rome was not built in a day and neither is your body nor your personal training business.

I’ll tell you what; just like people who have never worked out before, and who see some dramatic changes probably in the first 8 to 12 weeks of training simply because of the fact that they’ve never worked out before, the same thing will happen with System 5™.

If you’ve never addressed these things in your life, if you never looked at how you could charge more money, how you differentiate yourself as a trainer, how to accelerate your progress and make more money, guess what, System 5™ is going to help you do that fast because you’ve never done that before.

If you’re a trainer that has been training for a long time and you make decent living, it may take a little bit longer for you to get to the next level, not because of System 5™, but because you’re so caught up in your life and the day-to-day grind that you’re not going to devote as much time to it probably as you should.

So that’s the way it will go. Now I have a bunch of people that I’ve coached in System 5™ and have used System 5™ that have changed their results and their outcome within weeks – a guy went from working at a club for $30 an hour to charging $3,000 per client right away – and all that changed in him and in themselves, was their mindset and their outlook which were a mess.

Hugo: And one other thing I love about your system also is the fact that I could see any trainer that is doing good as far as their practice is concerned, and you showing them ways to diversify and take their practice to a whole new level that they probably didn’t even think about.

And I really, really love that because I’ve actually met some pretty successful trainers who do not even have a website unfortunately. When I see cases like that, I all can say to myself is “Wow!”

Some trainer are so passionate and good at what they do that they achieve success without a website and without hardly any promotion, just word of mouth! So imagine if they could apply a system like this one, what would happen then?

Chris: I think it’s exponential.

Hugo: Absolutely, because trainers like that are doing so well with no website and with hardly any marketing because they are very, very unique and they are very passionate.

And I’m even thinking of one particular trainer right now that I know of. This guy is just amazing! I mean you just feel the energy and the passion when you’re around when this guy is training somebody and you just want to train even harder just because he is pushing the clients and the whole gym is full of his energy!

But like I said, he has no system, no website, no marketing; it’s just word of mouth. Everybody knows the guy and they love him, so believe me he is always working. But with a system like this, I can see a successful trainer like that being taken to a level that they probably never imagined. For all we know, 3 years from now on TV and more!

Chris: You bring up a very good point. System 5™ is a five step process and the guy that you’re describing right now sounds like he has already done step 1, 2 and 3 and he is ready for 4 and 5 which is financial freedom.

Hugo: Exactly.

Chris: As you were asking me how long is it going to take and all that, you just gave an example of a guy that it’s not going to take any time at all because he has already got the belief, he has already got the passion, he has already got the niche, he has already got his positioning, all he needs is to promote and to create a product and that’s exactly what I’ll take him through in that final part of System 5™.

Hugo: I got to tell you man, I’m really, really impressed with it and you’re preaching the same thing I preach to trainers out there because sometimes I hear trainers say: “Man I’m working so hard and this and that and blah, blah, blah.”

And the first thing I say is, “You got to start diversifying, you’ve got to raise your rates, you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that”, I mean you’ve got to think smart and implement a system because working 12 hour days every day eventually leads to burnout sooner or later. So needless to say, I’m really happy that you put this together and that trainers will be able to benefit from your knowledge on the subject.

So how can somebody who is really interested in finding more about System 5™ find some more information about it?

Chris: People can visit my website at GetSystem5.com. In it I have a couple of webinars that give away more free information from System 5™ just so they can get to know me a little more and get to know more about the system. This is information from System 5™ that they can immediately apply to grow their business right now.

Hugo: Great!. I think that in this interview alone you shared a whole bunch of good information already that people can go ahead and use to start getting some results immediately.

Being passionate, understanding your identity as a trainer, valuing yourself as a trainer, having a website, and diversifying are already items that will steer anyones’ personal training career in the right direction.

Also, just the mindset part alone to me that’s huge. That already will go ahead and change people’s lives so thank you for taking the time to share all of this.

And finally, thank you for putting this system together because I think it’s really needed in the industry right now.

Chris: Likewise Hugo.

Like I said, I’m very honored and humbled.

I look forward to helping as many people as we can with what we know and what we’ve figured out and our roots going back as far as they do – all the stuff that we’ve had to overcome in our lives, the things that we’ve had to learn the hard way – I’m just grateful that we’re able to come together here to give something back and help people to cut down that time, so they don’t have to waste their time and figure this stuff out on their own. We can help them do that and accelerate that process and I thank you for that opportunity.

Hugo: Absolutely, that’s what life is all about and god knows that we’ve hit ourselves hard enough in the head already. If we can save the headaches, we’re more than happy to go ahead and do that.

Chris: That’s my passion and mission in life is to help as many people as I can.

Hugo: That’s awesome man. Well so thank you so much for this great interview Chris and I’ll be talking to you pretty soon.

Chris: OK, Hugo thanks a lot.

Celebrity Trainer Chris Fernandez

Click here to download the full interview in MP3 format:




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