Natural Bodybuilding FAQ – Can You Follow The Pro Routines and Other Pro Advice? Over the weekend I got the following question: I read a lot of bodybuilding magazines and I read the routines and diets of the pros. However, some of my buddies at the gym say that all of that is garbage. Since […]

Natural Bodybuilding FAQ: How to Choose a Good Personal Trainer? Personal training is becoming a hot profession these days. As a matter of fact, personal training is the fastest growing profession in the health and fitness industry! So it is a fair assumption that if you go to a gym, there will be at least […]

In this natural bodybuilding article I cover a topic of interest to many bodybuilders who are still going to school. That topic is how to follow your natural bodybuilding diet while going to school. As I was reading some bodybuilding news online, I came across an interesting article from Ka Leo O Hawai’i, the campus […]

Natural Bodybuilding Q&A: Squats Don’t Work Your Legs? Today I got a question from a good friend of mine who stumbled upon a video of a coach talking about how the king of leg exercises in bodybuilding, the squat, is an exercise that only works the back and that it should not be performed as […]

Which Aerobic Exercise Is Better for Fat Loss: Walking On The Treadmill or On The Pavement? Learn which one of these two aerobic exercises is better for fat loss.

Natural Bodybuilding Question: Can I Make Better Natural Bodybuilding Gains if I Train More? A common misconception amongst natural bodybuilding beginners is that the more they train the more they gain. While this would seem like a logical assumption, due to the fact that our anabolic hormones are affected negatively after a certain amount of […]

How Much Weight Should I Lift For Best Bodybuilding Gains? This is a very common question for beginners who are just getting started in natural bodybuilding. The answer, however, is a very simple one but before I discuss it, we need to first talk about muscular failure.

Natural Bodybuilding Q&A – Do You Need to Gain Excessive Weight To Gain Muscle? The other day I got a natural bodybuilding question regarding whether is it necessary or not to gain excessive weight in order to gain muscle. Because I get this question asked pretty often, I decided to write about it. Here is […]

Natural Bodybuilding Question: Is A High Protein Diet Bad for Kidneys? I am asked quite frequently if eating the amount of protein required of a bodybuilding diet is bad for your kidneys. This Natural Bodybuilding FAQ will answer this question and hopefully put all of your fears to rest.

Natural Bodybuilding FAQ – Should You Train When You Are Feeling Tired? Should you perform your bodybuilding workouts when you are feeling tired?

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